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Enjoying the Bounty of Spring

By CIEE Seoul at CIEE

While Korea has a wide range of foods available all year, spring brings delicious greens and is one of the best seasons to enjoy vegetarian temple cuisine.


Study Abroad in South Korea: The Ultimate Guide

By College Study Abroad at CIEE

Known officially as the Republic of Korea, South Korea is brimming with exciting excursions and educational opportunities – not to mention an incredible food and culture scene! It’s no wonder... keep reading


Top 5 Places to Study Abroad in the Asia-Pacific Region

By College Study Abroad at CIEE

@cieestudyabroad Top places to study abroad in the Asia-Pacific region! #cieestudyabroad #ciee #studyabroad #asia #australia #china #taiwan #singapore #southkorea #japan #kyoto #tokyo #seoul #taipei #beijing #shanghai #sydneyaustralia #sydney Dance You... keep reading

My experience in being a Black woman in South Korea

By Floriesha B.

One of the things that I feared the most was having my Blackness interfere with my experience studying abroad. Upon choosing South Korea as my host country, I was already... keep reading

How To: KTX (Korea's Bullet Train)

By Caroline R.

Heyo! I just recently took a KTX train for the first time and thought I would share my experience. I decided to take a trip to Busan for the weekend... keep reading


Reflections on Lanterns

By CIEE Seoul at CIEE

These days I’m reminded by the paper lanterns strung along the streets that Buddha’s Birthday will soon be here. Although I’m not Buddhist, I always enjoy the holiday, which this... keep reading


Why Study Abroad in Seoul: Top 3 Reasons

By College Study Abroad at CIEE

If you’re looking to discover a multi-faceted country with a rich culture, beautiful cityscapes and countryside, an incredible ancient history, and unique modern development, then consider studying abroad in South... keep reading

Most Recommended!

By Angela Y.

My trip to South Korea has come to a close, but I would like to share all the places, restaurants, and cafes that I spent most of my time at... keep reading

Thank You CIEE Seoul: Exchange Recap & Thoughts

By Hunter L.

My experience exceeded my study abroad dreams. I made new friendships and networks that I thought would never be made before coming. Moreover, my engagement with CIEE, Yonsei, and other... keep reading

North Korea and Studying Abroad: Works from My Yonsei Journalism Class

By Hunter L.

In two weeks, my project group produced two news broadcasting videos for our introductory journalism class. At the beginning of planning, we decided to work on North Korea's current tensions... keep reading

Calm & quiet Fridays to myself

By Ekram B.

Excuse my, yet again, image-less post. I want this to be a blog that is a little more genuine and that comes from the bottom of my heart. It primarily... keep reading

Why you should take the CIEE 'Intercultural Communication and Leadership' class

By Kasey C.

My favorite class this semester, by far, was the CIEE Intercultural Communication and Leadership Class (CIEE ICL). I felt that I must include at least one blog post dedicated entirely... keep reading

Fall 2022 South Korea Study Abroad Packing List

By Angela Y.

As the semester is coming to a close, here are all the packing recommendations I have for the Fall-Winter Semester. Even though there are many packing recommondations around the internet... keep reading

Life as a Foreign Exchange Student Update 12/02/22

By Hunter L.

Academics: Only 3 school days left before reading and final exam weeks begin. I have been attending and keeping up with all of my classes due to my home school's... keep reading

Stop Five: Seogwipo, Jeju Island

By Angela Y.

Jeju Island is a lovely island full of beautiful, sparkling beaches and delicious restaurants. As you may or may not know, Jeju-do is consistant of only two main settlements, Seogwipo... keep reading