What I Learned from Studying Abroad in Spain

By: Alexis Lane

Today marks the first week back to America after studying abroad for a month in Barcelona. When I first arrived home, I thought to myself “Now what?”. Back to my normal routine I went; working every day, working out, and seeing my family. I’ve had so much time to think about my experience abroad and how much it affected me, despite it being in such a short amount of time. Having never been to Europe prior to this summer, I didn’t know how time abroad would make me feel, but it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  

spain arc

Being in Spain felt like anything was possible. You could hop on the bus or metro and experience a whole different part of Barcelona. Whether that be the gothic quarter, Arco De Triunfo, or Sagrada Familia, there was always something new and different to explore. The historic architecture was unbelievable, and something that you would never see in America. This adventure opened my eyes to how other people around the world live their life, as well. Everything felt slow-paced and calm in Spain. No one was in a rush to get to work or bombarding the grocery stores with carts full of food. People enjoyed their meals with hours of conversation and time with their friends. This made me want to bring some of these habits back to America with me.

spain food

Instead of constantly being in a rush to the next thing or part of my life, I want to take time to enjoy the moment I am in. I took away the importance of enjoying the people and experiences around me.  Finally, I learned that even the little things can be significant. Which is why this study abroad experience was once in a lifetime, and something everyone should have the opportunity to do.