Visiting Netflix Film Locations in Madrid

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Eero Jesurun

Money Heist! The name says it all, the record-breaking series on Netflix beautifully shows off Madrid and its architecture. And CIEE students have been visiting the picturesque and stunning film locations of Madrid, getting a glimpse of the remarkable Spanish architecture.Money Heist, originally known as “La casa de Papel” a.k.a. The House of Paper, is a Spanish television series started in 2017. Ever since Netflix bought the streaming rights for the series, it became a pop sensation worldwide.  The series portrays a heist at the Royal Mint of Spain during the initial parts and The Bank of Spain in the latest parts. The story revolves around a group of robbers who are code-named after various famous cities like Tokyo, Helsinki, Nairobi, Moscow Rio, Berlin, etc. taking part in a well-orchestrated robbery conducted under the vision of the main protagonist, “the Professor.”

During one of our weekly cultural agenda activities, CIEE Madrid participants got to visit the Royal House of Mint, or Casa Real de la Moneda, in the city center of Spain´s capital. Students also learned about the history of the Spanish currency, the peseta, and today´s currency, the Euro. Students commented on the grand locations and the sets of the show! One of the most important locations, namely, The Royal Mint of Spain adds to the magnificence of the show. Although the shooting at the real Royal Mint was out of the question due to security reasons, it was necessary for the show producers to have a building that would imitate similar sumptuousness and heritage. Hence, they chose the Headquarters of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in Madrid as the set for The Royal Mint.