Under Two Weeks Left in London

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Renee S.

Renee S.

Hello everyone!!

With under two weeks left in London, I'm preparing to end my summer here with a bang! I have just a few things left on my London bucket list! To check off going to a play in London, this evening my friends and I went to see the smash-hit musical Mama Mia at the Novello Theater. It was an amazing experience! This weekend, I am planning to check off another bucket list item by visiting Oxford! I want to make the most of the little time I have left here in London. 

Mama Mia!!

When I get back to the states, I plan on keeping in touch with all the new friends that I've made during this global internship experience!  Within my internship, I have made connections with my supervisors, other Volunteer Officers, and Green Gym volunteers. I did not expect to become such good friends with my co-workers, but it has made this summer truly enjoyable. Outside of work, I have made several life-long friendships with the other interns in the CIEE program. My friends are from all over- Rhode Island, Michigan, Indiana, Connecticut, New Jersey, and even from China! Despite this distance, I believe that my friendships will continue to remain strong.

It is crazy to think that I came to London not knowing anyone, yet now I have so many new friends from across the globe! My summer internship experience has taught me to be open-minded and appreciative of cultures different than my own. By talking to my friends from London, I have fallen in love with the little quirks of British people. I love how they call rainboots wellingtons (or wellies for short!), how they mind the gap between the escalator and the platform, the way they put milk in tea, how they call college "uni," and of course, their accents. My intern friends have introduced me to their own unique backgrounds and interests, like make dumplings with my Chinese friend, going to my friend's church, or reading my friend's book recommendation. Each experience and encounter with a new person has given me insight into their own beautiful way of life.

My summer abroad has definitely been better than I anticipated! This experience has sparked a desire in me to travel. I did not expect to visit so many places in only a couple months, but I explored a lot! From relaxing on the beach at Brighton to thrift shopping with my Aunt in Bury St. Edmunds, I have been to a variety of areas within England. Also, I have wandered out of this country and into a few others, like France and Ireland. When I first signed up for this internship, I did not anticipate seeing the sunrise behind the Effiel tower or to sit at the edge of the Cliffs of Moher, but I'm so incredibly grateful for these adventures. This summer has given me a case of wanderlust, so you may catch me getting more stamps in my passport in the near future!

As I head back home soon, I will take away with me memories of a city that I love in a deep shade of red, the red of double deckered buses and telephone booths. I have been on fun adventures in London and developed strong connections with the people I met along the way. My summer experience here has given me so many good memories and friendships that I will always cherish!

Best Friends Forever <3


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