Ten Great Reasons to Study Abroad in Prague

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There’s been no shortage of adjectives used to describe the Central European city of Prague. Czech Republic’s capital has been pronounced: golden; beautiful; graceful; charming; playful; witty; (and one of my personal favorites); a diamond among the pearls.

Step inside its medieval landscape, and you’ll quickly see for yourself why Prague is indeed an adjective inspiring place. Meander along her ancient cobblestone streets and note how Gothic spires pierce the sky, Baroque sculptures beckon attention, and bohemian vibes float like music through the air.

The number of reasons to make Prague your study abroad home is endless - here are just 10 of the top …

Few cities hold a year-round lure like Prague. You can enjoy sunny summers along the Vltava, spectacular fall foliage, medieval castles blanketed in snow, and an inspiring colorful spring.

The world’s oldest astronomical clock still in operation, dating back to 1410, sits in the center of Prague, giving viewers a 24/7 hourly show.

CIEE Prague is located in Vysehrad, a historic fort perched above the Vltava River, where one of the most incredible views of the city can be enjoyed.

Walk among Bohemian Kings, Holy Roman Emperors, and Czechoslovakian Presidents in the largest 9th century castle in the world.

It’s no secret, Czech’s love their beer. Turns out it’s good for your skin too! Soak in a wooden tub filled with malt, hops, and yeasts for a detoxifying, hydrating, and circulation improving spa session.

Prague boasts well-preserved buildings spanning one thousand years of European architecture including Gothic, Baroque, Romanesque, Renaissance, neoclassical, art nouveau, and more.

For over 600 years, artists, musicians, vendors, and strollers have been traversing across this medieval bridge that Charles IV laid the first stone for on July 9, 1357 at 5:31 am. The date is a palindromic number, 135797531, and is carved into the bridge tower.

What happens when UV lights are added to a darkened stage featuring actors in fluorescent costumes? A spellbinding and spectacular theatrical production filled with optical illusions.

Prague’s giant Vietnamese market complex, Sapa, not only offers the best Vietnamese food in the city, but you’ll also find specialized grocery stores and a Buddhist temple.

Just one hour outside the city is Sedlec Ossuary, aka, “The Church of Bones.” Some 40,000+ skeletons have been intricately and artistically arranged inside this small Roman Catholic chapel that includes a bone chandelier containing at least one of every human bone.

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