SP23 Study Abroad Group - Welcome to Toulouse !

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CIEE Toulouse

CIEE Toulouse

Bonjour tout le monde !

On the 4th of January, we welcomed the SP23 Study Abroad group in Toulouse !

The first few days were dedicated to orientation and it all went very smoothly. The group got to meet their new host families, with whom they will without a doubt share some of their most cherished memories ! The students also made their first steps in our wonderful "Ville Rose" (Pink City - one of Toulouse's many nicknames) thanks to a visit made with Eric, our Masterworks of French Art professor.

First day in class during orientation.

During this first month of exploration, our students discovered French gastronomy with a pastry workshop at Labo & Gato where they learned how to make the famous French Macarons ! We also had an amazing time in a typical French restaurant called "Chez Navarre". On the menu there were many French food specialties such as terrine and duck meat !

At Labo & Gato
In front of "Chez Navarre" with Eric, our Masterworks of French Art professor ! 

It was also the beginning of the CIEE courses as well as the beginning of the courses at localUniversity. French Universities are a bit different compared to those in in the US and while it can be challenging at the beginning we know this will be a great learning and rewarding experience.

The group had its first co-curricular activity at the Médiathèque José Cabanis ! This building is an ode to culture as it possesses more than 350 000 documents !

We can't wait for you to discover Toulouse and France as a whole!


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