The Shambles

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Jessika R.

Jessika R.

Week 2 / 6

This week we embarked on our Block II Study Tour to York, England. We were able to see a lot of York and English culture and artifacts as we traveled through time by exploring museums, old architecture, and well-used ministries. This study tour was such a wonderful experience; however, I think that my favorite part about the study tour that was non-academic, was the Shambles. This street that runs through the York town, was the inspiration site for the producers of Harry Potter's Diagon Alley. For those of you who are big Harry Potter fans, you will find a lot of amazing stories that are immersed in Harry Potter goodies. The store that is called, “The Shop That Must Not Be Named” was opened in May 2017 by J.K. Rowling herself. This shop is the only shop in the Shambles to have official Harry Potter merchandise while the other shops sell cheaper Harry Potter merchandise. The tour guide mentioned to us how J.K. had to do the opening of the shop in secrete because of the mass amount of attention it would bring and cause a mass crowd around the small, tight area. The shop is really cool to walk through and be reminded of some Harry Potter favorites!

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