Seville and the Guadalquivir, the perfect equation.

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Sergio Jimenez

The Guadalquivir, or 'Gwad-al-keer' in Spanish, is the main river that defines and divides the city of Seville. Like other European cities, Seville has a rich history. Many citizens of Seville take pride in their city and its thriving culture. The river that defines Seville's culture has also defined it through commerce, art and academia.

First of all, Seville is famous for its shipbuilding industry; every year, several ships pass through the port of Seville to and from other countries and continents. The shipbuilding industry provides employment for the citizens. Many also find employment in these industries as managers or workers. As a result, these industries help to maintain the cultural life of the city.

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In addition to shipbuilding, Seville also takes its cultural life very seriously. The city is home to several museums, including the Fine Arts Museum and the Macarena Museum. Several theaters present plays throughout the year as well. Citizens also love to attend cultural events such as concerts or dance festivals. Some events are sponsored by organizations such as the Union of Spanish Nationalities or the UNE. These events showcase the rich culture found throughout Spain. Regardless of sponsorship, all citizens appreciate the cultural life of their city.

Events sponsored by organizations often feature local Spanish music. From traditional folk music to more modern interpretations of the culture, audiences are always delighted by the sights and sounds of the entertainment. Attendees can also purchase souvenirs to commemorate their time at the event and remember the cultural experience.

Living in such an artistic, historic and renowned city can be overwhelming for those who live there. Many see it as a mecca for art and culture. Not only does this famous European city have a striking history, but it also has an active nightlife that attracts both locals and tourists to its many cultural venues. Whether you are a tourist or a local living in this beautiful city, you will understand why so many people see this city as a mecca for art and culture.