Sant Cugat: city, monastery and antique market

Authored by:
Patricia B.

Saturday was an exciting and long day! I met with my program for a day trip to SanT Cugat, a suburb of Barcelona. Me and two other students and a local spanish student hopped on a train for the quiet suburb. When we arrived we were greeted by green trees, fresh air and two of our program directors with open arms. They led us down the streets to SanT Cugat’s Monastery. The streets looked very much like a city street with shops and places to eat but it was less busy, no cars, not as tall buildings and more people walking around with families and animals.

When we made it to the monastery our director explained some history, telling us that this monastery was one of the first monasteries built in Europe. Unfortunately we couldn’t go into the church, but we were able to tour the monastery part.

After the monastery our directors led us to a local antique market. Before we explored the market we ate some traditional tapas for lunch and talked about different things like life back in the US, Spanish traditions, ect. It was very relaxing to sit and enjoy a meal with good company. Then we headed into the antique market. After the market we headed back to the metro and back home. 


Written by Amanda Duvall


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