One Village, One History, One Craft

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Vume is a small town in the Volta Region of Ghana, which is known for the art of clay pottery. When the craft was introduced, the people of Vume were using the traditional coil method where the vessels were moulded on the bare ground. Over the years they have adapted a mechanised way of making their wares but have not neglected the ways the manual method. They continue to teach this method and continue to live and thrive by this method. It is beautiful to see such dedication to the preservation of what has built their community and served others.

Our Fall 2022 students had the opportunity to visit Vume, observe and listen to the locals. They also had the pleasure of trying their hands on the mechanised moulding process. 

At CIEE Legon, we connect you to the people of the land and provide the opportunity for a full immersion. Such craft villages are typical of Ghanaian traditional societies. Over the years, our visiting students have engaged with the Bonwire Kente weaving village, the Ntonso Adinkra craft village, and small scale glass beadmaking communties. It is always a refreshing experience. Our world is your classroom. Come join us!