STEM Research at CIEE Legon and University of Ghana

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Riley Alexandra Bresnahan, an Oceanography major and Midshipman from the United States Naval Academy is studying at CIEE Legon at University of Ghana this Fall 2021 Term.  In addition to directly enrolling in STEM courses such as Climate Change Science, Oscillation and Waves and Geological Oceanography, Riley is conducting an exciting STEM related Independent Research titled Microplastics and Oysters on the Coastline of Ghana.  This Independent Research is under the supervision of Dr Edem Mahu a professor of Marine Biogeochemistry of the University of Ghana.

Watch this video and get a fuller understanding of Riley’s STEM Independent Research for Credit at CIEE Legon Arts and Sciences Program.

Are you a STEM? Arts? or Business major? Go to University's Student Handbook  to get a detailed description of courses that have been popular with CIEE Legon participants over the past academic year.  You could also be taking some STEM courses with us.