New Global Institute Building Will Bring Roman History to Life

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College Study Abroad

Ever think you’d be strolling the same hallways as a 16th-century Vatican Cardinal?

Study abroad in Rome in January 2020, and you will be! The CIEE Global Institute – Rome is moving to a stunning palazzo in Piazza Campitelli - built in the 1500s and used as a residence for Rome’s senior church leaders. (The term “palazzo” refers to a “large palace” from the Latin word palatium.)

The move will help accommodate the large number of students choosing Europe as their study abroad destination. The current location is a much smaller 3,000 square foot apartment. As a result, many classes are held in rented classrooms or outdoor venues throughout the city. When the new space opens later this year, students and staff will enjoy a much larger and historically significant space spanning five classrooms, administrative offices, student lounges, and a gallery featuring period artwork on loan from the building’s current owner.

Local artisans are carefully restoring the building’s Renaissance features that include wood-carved coffered ceilings, hand-laid terrazzo tile, marble fireplaces and doorways, crystal chandeliers, and a host of antique furniture and artwork. The richly ornate Renaissance vibe will be lightened by a suite of locally-made modern furniture featuring organic shapes and colors.  

According to CIEE’s Chief Administrative Officer David Fusco, the space was selected for its characteristically Roman feel. “The building is a living representation of historic Rome. When the restoration is complete, we’ll be introducing students to the culture of Rome not just by what we teach, but where we teach it.”

Rome is one of 14 CIEE Global Institutes around the world featuring the innovative Open Campus Block Program that allows students to design their own study abroad experience. Since the program launched in 2017, student participation has nearly doubled, with over 1,300 students expected to attend one or more 6-week block, 3-week J-term, or 4-week summer sessions in 2020.

Want to make this beautiful new space your classroom? Explore Rome programs.

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