My Top 3 Favorite Lunch Spots in Madrid

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By: Lillian Clark

One of my favorite parts of the school days are in between classes when I get to go to lunch with my friends! Madrid has amazing and cheap lunch spots that you don’t want to miss. Here is my top 3 must visit spots:

  1. Takos Al Pastor: €1 tacos. YES, you heard that right! Only €1!!! The best part is they taste so good. When you arrive, there might be a line (it’s a very popular spot for locals) but it is worth the wait! On your first time going, I recommend getting one taco of each flavor which will put you around €10. After you have tried them all you can decide which ones you like best. They provide you with limes and two sauces which are a little spicy but so good. Finally, try their beverages!!! They make awesome in-houses beverages that everyone raves over. 
  2. Antonia Pizza: €2 a slice! These slices are massive. Whenever I want a quick and cheap lunch…..Antonia is the way to go. You can also get a canned drink for .50 more! Its a great deal and tastes awesome. 
  3. Focadeli: I don't know the prices off the top of my head but this place is worth it. It is sandwiches made with Focaccia bread and let me tell you….that bread is FRESH!!! You walk in and it smells amazing! 

These locations are my favorite spots, and I will be thinking about them long after I return to the United States. If you’re in Madrid, I hope you enjoy these spots!