London Highlights: Activities & Excursions

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Renee S.

Renee S.

Hi again!!

Throughout this summer in London, I have gone on many adventures. London is a city full of culture, palaces, museums, markets, and theatres. Check out the list below to get a glimpse into the activities I have done!

Top Highlights of London: Exciting Activities & Excursions

  • St. Paul's Cathedral & Millennium Bridge: I walked across the Millennium Bridge to St. Paul's Cathedral, and the view of the Thames River was so pretty! The Millennium Bridge is a pedestrian bridge and is also a film star (featured in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince)! St. Paul's Cathedral is a beautiful and iconic church, designed by Christopher Wren.
  • Borough Market: Located in Southwark, Borough Market is bustling with people and contains over a hundred stalls selling produce, snacks, and specialties. I definitely recommend getting a donut from Bread Ahead Bakery or some chocolate from Artisan Du Chocolate!
  • Notting Hill: A town full of vibrantly painted houses and busy outdoor markets, Notting Hill was one of my favorite excursions. Although I did not find Hugh Grant or Julia Roberts, I still got to visit the bookstore inspired by the movie!
  • Tower of London: An ancient fortress, this tower sits beside the Thames River. I took a tour led by one of the Tower's Yeomn Warders who told fascinating historical stories!
  • Greenwich by Boat: I took a boat along the Thames River to Greenwich! The boat ride was relaxing and full of amazing views of London. At Greenwich, I climbed up to a hill that overlooked the town, and then stood on the Prime Meridian Line where east meets west at Longitude 0°.
  • Covent Garden: Covent Garden is an exciting area with many cute shops, delicious restaurants, and free entertainment in the Piazza and courtyard. I really enjoyed exploring the stores and booths at Apple Market!
  • The British Museum: Containing over 8 million historical items from a variety of cultures, the British Museum is the world's oldest public museum. I saw the Rosetta Stone!
  • Tate Modern: The Tate Modern has impressive collections of international modern art. There are so many good pieces of art, with works by artists such as Picasso, Matisse, and Warhol
  • National Theater: The National Theater is a publicly funded performing arts venue. I took a backstage tour of the theater and got the inside scoop on how plays are brought to life. 
  • Abbey Road: I walked in the footsteps of The Beatles! This road is famously associated with their Abbey Road Album that was released in 1969. The Abbey Road Studios shop is right nearby!
  • Buckingham Palace: This beautiful palace was once home to Queen Victoria and is now where the present Queen resides. I came early one morning to see the changing of the Palace guards!

This list captures some of my experiences in London, and I hope it gives you an idea of the fun opportunities found here. London is amazing and there are so many exciting places to explore! 

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