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Renee S.

Renee S.

Hello everyone!!

Yesterday evening, I went to a really exciting event hosted by CIEE and AIC- The Employer Insights Panel followed by a Supervisor and Intern Social! The event was a great way to gain knowledge about balancing work with life and pursing your passions. The night was also full of networking, being an amazing opportunity to mix and mingle with new people.

Check out this video I made about the event! 

The panelists had a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, including: Corey Harrower, the Chief People Officer at ROLI (a music technology company); Laurie Goering, the Climate Editor at Thomson Reuters Foundation; and Ludwig Duran, a senior brand and marketing strategy consultant.

Corey described how when people think about their career aspirations, we often tie together who we are with what we do. Corey suggested that how we do our job is actually more important than what that job actually is. Drawing upon his own experiences of jobs with dancing, carpentry, teaching, and cooking, Corey explained how the passion and enthusiasm that you have for your work is more important than the job title itself. 

"It doesn't matter what you do, the through-line is you." ~Corey Harrower

Laurie discussed the importance of not letting fear hold you back from your dream job. When choosing between a safe and scary option, Laurie suggests leaping towards the scary one, not letting fear or what other people think be a reason to hold you back.

"Go do something interesting, find any life experience that sets you apart." ~Laurie Goering

Ludwig gave 5 life hacks about put your best foot forward in the professional world.

  1.  Always be humble, gracious, and grateful for any opportunity you receive.
  2. Focus always on ways of being useful.
  3. Be cautious of adding misdirected value.
  4. Only be disruptive if it's going to be helpful and come armed with a solution.
  5. All learning is useful, no experience is wasted.

"Find your bravery early because it'll pay off later." ~ Ludwig Duran

I hope you found these pieces of advice as helpful and inspiring as they were to me!!


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