Favorite restaurants in Paris

By: Lia Nickson

Paris is known for its amazing food with more than forty-four thousand restaurants throughout the city. While my time in Paris did not allow me to impossibly try them all I did manage to find my favorite spots. 

While you're in Paris you will begin to see more and more hype around “Angelina’s” cafe and restaurant and eventually, you have to give in. A breakfast or lunch there is definitely on the pricier end but it is overall a great experience with its French interior, beautiful pastries, and of course their world-famous hot chocolate. It’s right next to the Louvre and makes the perfect day. 

If you love Ramen “Kodawari Ramen” is the absolute best. The interior is designed as a Japanese fish market and is Michelin-recommended. The ramen bowls cost around fourteen to eighteen euros but are well worth it. They also have an online waiting list that allows you to wait for a seat while walking around the neighborhood. 

Another great yet affordable Michelin-recommended restaurant is “Pho-Thai” which is a bit out of the way in the 13th depending on where you live but is well worth the visit if you love Vietnamese food. This was overall my favorite restaurant while studying abroad and eventually became familiar with the owners. 

With that being said all of the Vietnamese food I tried in Paris was the best Vietnamese food I have ever had so it is an absolute must when spending a semester here no matter where you go! 

In terms of French food “Chez Janou” is the perfect place when looking for a restaurant for dinner that has a wonderful atmosphere and authentic menu. If you go you have to make sure to try their chocolate mousse it's amazing. 

If you're looking for a fun restaurant that gives you more of an experience than good food “Le Refuge Des Fondue” is the place to go. It is a tiny hole in the wall in Montmartre where the inside is covered with past visitor's signatures. It costs thirty euros per person and you receive a glass of wine, a charcuterie board, another drink in a glass baby bottle, a pot of cheese or beef fondue, and your choice of dessert. It is such a fun time and a great place to go after watching a sunset in Montmarte. 

My last recommendation is “Gomawo” which happens to be right across the street from “Le Refuge Des Fondue.” It is a small Korean restaurant with wonderful food. During lunchtime, it is more affordable and they have great lunch deals, on beef bulgogi and bibimbap. The menu has options for everyone and if you order the Beef Bulgogi you cook it yourself on a hot pan. 

Overall you cannot go wrong eating out in Paris but I highly recommend all of these places and hope you try them!