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While in Sydney, a stop at Black Star Pastry for a slice of their signature Strawberry Watermelon Cake is practically mandatory. The bakery opened its doors in 2008 and has since become creator of the world’s most Instagrammed cake. Originally developed for a wedding, Strawberry Watermelon Cake features almond dacquoise (dessert cake) layered with rose-scented cream and thin slices of seedless watermelon. On top, strawberries, pistachios, and dried rose petals create a beautiful fruity and floral coating. Black Star Pastry sells more than one million slices of Strawberry Watermelon Cake a year – stop by early before the line gets too long!

Photo for blog post EAT, DRINK, EXPLORE: SYDNEY


Australia lacks an official national drink but based on sheer popularity among Aussies, unofficially it’s Lemon-Lime & Bitters (LLB). LLB is a tangy, spicy, and refreshing mixed drink made with lemonade, sweetened lime juice, and Angostura bitters (concentrated herbs and spices). The alcohol content in LLB is so low, it’s mostly considered a “mocktail” (non-alcoholic cocktail). You’ll often find LLB in bars, restaurants, and even pre-mixed in supermarkets throughout Australia. LLB is the quintessential Aussie beverage and with more than 100 million served country-wide each year, it’s only fitting to order yourself a glass while in Sydney!

Photo for blog post EAT, DRINK, EXPLORE: SYDNEY


Sydney’s white-sanded, crescent-shaped Bondi Beach is recognized as one of Australia’s most iconic beaches and one of the best beaches in the world. It’s a global treasure for many reasons, one of which is that you can visit it year-round. During the summer months, Bondi Beach is the place for surfing, swimming, sunbathing, and hosting parties. In the winter, you can ice skate in the Bondi Beach Pavilion and participate in seasonal festivals. Bondi Beach plays host to many of the community’s cultural events as well, including political gatherings, company events, and food festivals. Join 2.5 million annual visitors and make Bondi Beach a part of your Sydney experience!

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