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Cara G.

Cara G.

This spring semester I am interning at One Young World, a non-profit based here in London. I am interning in their Community team, so my technical title is Community Relations Intern. My days at the office as a Community Relations Intern are relatively similar, however I do different types of tasks each day, which keeps things exciting and interesting. Each morning I start my day by heading to the Tube for my morning commute, it is a pretty quick ride and my commute takes just a little over 20 minutes, which is so nice! Then when I get to work I continue research or social media tasks I have been given or am given new tasks by my supervisor. Since there are so many little projects for me to work on, I am constantly changing up what I am doing and what order I am working on things. This is really helping me further develop my time and project management skills. I'll now give an overview of what a typical day as an intern looks like for me! 


Monday mornings are my favorite because they begin with a Community Team Meeting, where everyone catches the rest of the team up on work they're doing, what projects they have coming up and if they need to collaborate with anyone else in the office. These meetings really allow me to see how the team works and a clearer idea of what everyone's distinct roles are. Following the Community Team Meeting is a full-office meeting. Much like the Community Team Meeting, I get to see how the whole office functions together and what the distinct departments do. After the meetings I start on whatever project/task is at the top of my list. 

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays I typically start the day with a quick catch-up with my supervisor, where we go over what I'm working on and how it's going. After that I start working on my tasks. I use my own laptop, which I really like since it has the United States keyboard and not the funky (well at least to me!) European keyboard. I typically am able to finish at least one of my tasks in the morning before lunch. An example of a task would be writing drafts for potential Twitter content. 


Around 1pm, me and the other Community Intern typically leave the office to get lunch together. It's nice that the One Young World office is in Leicester Square because there are a ton of food options! Notes has been a favorite, and you really can't go wrong with Pret a Manger. I really like having someone to hangout with at lunch, we also have the same major so we always have plenty of interesting things to talk about! 

After lunch I head back to the office and sometimes have a quick, very informal chat with my supervisor about what I'm working on and ask any questions I may have. I then get back to work. An example of task is researching One Young World Ambassadors (which are high-achieving, young leaders) for various opportunities. I then sometimes will email these impressive Ambassadors myself, asking them to apply to an opportunity because they would be a great fit. I really like interacting with the One Young World Ambassadors, also researching them and their projects is always really inspiring. 

Also, side note, One Young World is a dog friendly office so I will often get visits from some furry friends, which is truly the best!!


At 5pm I pack up my things and head to the Tube for my commute home. Oftentimes I will make a quick stop at the Supermarket (Waitrose is my personal favorite) to grab something I need to make dinner or a snack. A couple of times I have gone from work to Covent Garden or the National Portrait Gallery since everything is so close. I love to explore for a little bit after work! I then go back to my apartment, cook dinner go to the gym and watch some Netflix. My nights are usually pretty chill after work, and I actually love the routine of it all, but also the opportunity to quickly explore for a few minutes before I head home for the evening. 

All in all, I am really getting into the swing of things as a Global Intern. I have a routine pretty much established and am really enjoying learning, living and working in London! 

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