A Day in the Life of a Global Intern: London

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Renee S.

Renee S.

Hi again!!

The past four weeks in London have flown by, and I have enjoyed every bit of my time interning with The Conservation Volunteers (TCV)! Each day brings with it so much joy and excitement.

On a typical day, my morning starts around 8:00am. Once I have put on my sturdy steel-toe boots and gathered my belongings, I walk to one of many local green spaces in the Camden area, such as Regent's Park. During this early morning commute, I am surrounded by a crowd of diverse people who are briskly walking to their own jobs and destinations. I get to the park's tool shed early enough to help my supervisor load up the van with shovels, gloves, shears, and other tools. Then, we drive to that day's project location, prepared to make a positive impact on the environment and community!

Through my internship with TCV, I help with practical conservation projects and interact with the local community. Each project day is unique, but you are guaranteed to find some sunshine, new friends, and fresh air. Check out this video that I made about my internship experiences! 

Around 11:00am, we start off each session with warm-up stretches to prepare for the next few hours of work! Throughout the day, I help lead and assist groups of volunteers to complete conservation tasks such as, sowing wildflowers, planting shrub borders, constructing compost bins, general gardening and scrub clearance. Around 12:30pm, we have a tea break! This is a lovely opportunity to drink tea, eat British biscuits, and make new friends. When the project is completed, we finish up the session with some cool-down stretches. My favorite stretch is definitely the Tree Hugger stretch!

After work, I head back to my dorm which is in the wonderful and welcoming resident hall building called Chapter Kings Cross. Then, I usually meet up with my fellow CIEE interns to catch up on how their workday has been. Whether it's wandering about London, eating at yummy restaurants, watching movies in our dorm's screening room, or going to comedy shows, my friends and I always manage to have a fun evening in London!

Chapter Kings Cross


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