Creative Reading Experiences

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Gertrudis Sigüenza

Gertrudis Sigüenza

Reading a book in a foreign language may be hard and discouraging if you don't have enough language competence or the  necessary motivation to get into the story. This is something that never happens in our  Spanish language classes. We get involved in several activities to get the most of the reading experience.

We have read the mistery book "El Príncipe the la Niebla".  Throughout the semester we had our "literary coffees" to discuss the book while enjoying a warm drink. Once the book was finished, our pre-advanced studens were asked to create a book review in a  "BookTube" and the intermediate level class designed a "BookTrailer" to call the attention of future readers. Look at these couple of examples, would you read "El Príncipe de la Niebla"?



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