Community Service Day

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Gertrudis Sigüenza

Gertrudis Sigüenza

Here in Alicante we are quite proud of our volunteer program. Every semester we have students that are active participants in giving back to the local community, whether at local schools, programs for people with a variety of disabilites, or at food Banks.

One way we decided to give back this semester was take a day out of our busy schedules and do a team community service day!

On November 12 we got together with the Alicante city council and a Spanish NGO called GEA for a hike in an area outside the city called Sierra de Colmenares. Its beautiful hillside overlooking the beach and the city. We spent over 3 hours hiking through the area and cleaning up what people have left behind. We filled around 7 huge garbage bags filled with trash! A member of the city council came with us and explained all the flora and fauna that can be found in the area, and what a special place it really is and why it’s so important to protect and preserve it.

We were very happy to help keep our city clean, and explore a new area that we hadn’t seen before!

And we were in the news, check it out:


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