Chocolate Museum instead of our normal class!

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Patricia B.

This week our class took a sweet trip to the Chocolate Museum in Barcelona! Instead of having a normal class, we had a field trip! We met at the museum and were led to a magical chocolate making kitchen (I like chocolate quite a bit). Our chocolate instructors walked us through the chocolate making process and showed us the proper techniques for making chocolate. I was giddy with excitement and so were my classmates. We were given chocolate pipping bags, chocolate molds, and toppings like nuts, cinnamon and black berries. We then went to work on our creations, starting by filling our chocolate molds. My team embarked on a competition to make the most beautiful design.

I looked like and felt like a mad chocolate scientist, my hands covered in chocolate, my work station covered in chocolate… pretty much everything (except my clothes, thanks to our plastic aprons) covered in chocolate. My team and I had lots of fun being creative and making beautiful chocolate creations. Even though one person in our group didn’t like chocolate, she still created beautiful chocolate lollipops for friends and family. We all had a great time! Definitely one of the best field trips I’ve been on so far! My team is awesome!

We had to wait a little for our chocolate to chill in the fridge so we followed our lovely tour guides around the museum and saw some chocolate sculptures. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time because most of us needed to go to our next classes and travel to our university, but we managed to see almost all of it. 

After our short visit, we packed bags with our chocolate creations and fast walked to the metro because we were a little late for our next class. 

Written by Amanda Duvall