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My school cancelled study abroad. Now what?
If your school cancelled study abroad for the term you are applying for you can consider applying as an autonomous student. This can mean different things at different schools. For example, this process may require you to take a leave of absence from your school, which can impact scholarships and other financial aid. Be sure to check in with your study abroad office.

If I am an autonomous student will the program be different?
Autonomous students have the same on-program experience as non-autonomous students. This simply means that you are studying abroad unaffiliated from your home institution. Autonomous students are required to attend class and complete coursework just the same.

How do I apply as an autonomous student?
When applying, select that you are not enrolled at a university. This will prompt the autonomous student waiver to appear, which you will need to read and sign to continue with your application.

Can I still get course credit?
We recommend that you use CIEE's School of Record, Tulane University. As an autonomous student you will essentially be enrolled as a visiting student at Tulane. Grades will be transcripted on a Tulane University transcript and then need to be transferred to your school. Please talk to your study abroad office to ensure your credits will transfer. Credit transfer is not guaranteed by CIEE.

What is the billing process for autonomous students?
Students are billed directly by CIEE. The bill is required to be paid in full with a confirmed zero balance prior to departure.

Are there any other options?
If you are still hoping for an international experience but going as an autonomous student is not for you, there are a few other possibilities!

  • Consider a short-term program. If you were planning on fall, consider summer! This may give you the opportunity to learn abroad while not having to worry about staying on track for graduation.
  • Consider an internship! CIEE offers both virtual and in-person Global Internships. If your school has cancelled study abroad this is a great way to grow your global network, and add some experience to your resume!
  • Are your classes online? There is still time to apply for CIEE's College Away for the spring semester. Housing will be provided by CIEE while student's complete their home school coursework remotely.

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