Alicante Foodies adventure

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Gertrudis Sigüenza

Gertrudis Sigüenza

As cultural explorers, our highschool Ciee Global Navigators were able to taste unique foods to this region and learn about their historical and geographical context. To learn about the heart of the Mediterranean cooking, they not only became authentic Spanish chefs in our cooking classes of  "tortilla española" or "morcilla" tapas but also were able to participate in a unique fish auction or tour an olive oil museum.

Our foodie experts had also the opportunity of exploring other cultural elements — fine arts, fashion, sports, music, cinema, comic books, and other popular entertainment — and visit other cities and towns such as Madrid, the capital city or Biar, an Alicante traditional town.   
 All their experiences culminated in a final project: a video of a gastronomic or artistic element found in Alicante, set in context with their own personal spin.

 Check our Instagram @foodieCIEEAlicante  #foodieSU19 or our blog to see all their great work done and enjoy this video shared by one of our great students, Jeristella Doreen Go from Venice High School :D

Thanks to all your great job foodies!  



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