10 Reasons Why Estonia is the “It” Destination for Tech Students

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Estonia is a charming and historic country with tons to offer students, especially those with tech-inclined minds.  

Sure, the country is known for its rich history, fairytale architecture, and beautiful natural landscapes. But for techies, Estonia is a technological powerhouse.  

If you have a background in technology and you’re hunting for the perfect place to study abroad, keep reading to learn why Estonia is the “it” destination for tech. 

How Did Estonia Become a Leader in Technology?  

To better understand why this small Baltic country is a worldclass opportunity for tech students, it’s important to know Estonia’s history.  

After 50 years of foreign rule, Estonia became an independent nation in 1991 and its citizens found themselves with limited technology systems in place, especially compared to the rest of the world. Estonians made IT development their mission to catch up with the globe’s innovations – and soon, surpassed most countries.  

Today, Estonia is a dominant world leader in technology and is one of the most digitally advanced societies, recognized as an e-society. The country is home to the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence and the EU IT Agency. What better place to dive into tech than in the world’s IT headquarters?  

For a deeper dive into Estonia’s impressive technological rise and timeline, learn more.

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Top 10 Reasons Why Estonia is a Great Place to Study Abroad for Tech Students 

As you know by now, Estonia and technology go hand in hand. So, let’s unpack the top 10 reasons why Estonia is the “it” destination for tech students. 

Reason #1: You’ll study at Tallinn University.  

Located in Tallinn, Estonia’s well-preserved capital, Tallinn University is a renowned institution where you’ll receive an enviable education. While the institution is known for its modern and dynamic research practices and impressive world university rankings, here you’ll also get to experience the area’s beautiful coastal limits with its intriguing mix of old and new.  

From the lively business center to towns seemingly out of the Middle Ages, you’ll never run out of things to do while studying abroad at Tallinn University. Plus, with CIEE, you’ll have a ton of course options to dive into, including Business + Technology 

Reason #2: You’ll get the opportunity to study at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech).  

Part of Tallinn University, TalTech was established in 1918 and is the country’s only technical university. Here, you’ll get to dive deep into Estonia technology, applied science, IT, business, and maritime studies while learning from some of the country’s tech thought leaders. Could it get any cooler?  

Reason #3: All study abroad course material is delivered in English 

Study abroad in Estonia with CIEE and language won’t be a barrier. Why? Because all our Estonia courses are taught in English. It’s a great benefit and means you can really focus on the coursework and get down to the business of tech. And for those who speak Russian, you can enroll in optional Russian language courses (particularly in our Russian Language + European Studies program!). 

Reason #4: Estonia is a startup hub.  

With Estonia’s paperless and hassle-free e-taxation, it takes under three hours to start a company in the country. No, really! Thousands of companies have sprung up in the last decade. Amazing, right?! 

You’ll get to explore these dynamic startups and, consequently, learn more about the business of Estonia information technology. 

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Reason #5: You’ll explore Estonia’s policies regarding technology. 

Estonia wouldn’t be the digital society it is today without its keen ability to collaborate and innovate regarding use of these new technologies, including its leading-edge equal-access technology policies. 

Other accolades of Estonia’s tech-savvy policymakers:  

  • Its technologies are citizen-centric 
  • It provides equal Internet access for all 
  • Its citizens own their personal data 

Estonia also regards its innovations in technology with three main pillars: Confidentiality, availability, and integrity. A lot of thought goes into the country’s advanced practices. And, there’s a lot for international students (like YOU!) to learn. 

Reason #6: You’ll discover Estonia’s digital practices related to the government. 

Another reason Estonia’s digital practices are so world-renowned: The country’s efficiency! And this includes government practices. Estonia has e-ID cards, e-residents, e-voting, and e-taxes. Almost everything can be done electronically in Estonia and sensitive information remains safe and protected. Talk about a useful win-win!  

Reason #7: Estonia is redefining the fight against crime.  

With the country’s e-solutions, Estonia technology is revolutionizing the way crimes are reported and combatting hackers. With smart tech, global online networks, and more, Estonia is thinking way ahead. You’ll get to learn more about it for yourself during our fascinating Business + Technology study abroad program.  

Reason #8: You’ll learn all about Estonia’s cybersecurity.  

It’s no surprise that Estonia is one of the strongest cyber defense countries in the world. With a study abroad program in Estonia, you’ll get to learn more about how this country fights against some of the globe’s largest cyber-attacks, what it means to be an EU IT agency, and more.  

Reason #9: Estonia is considered a blockchain pioneer.  

Estonia is the first nation to use blockchain technology and includes 100% data privacy. If you’re excited by the fact that the world of tech and the business surrounding it is only getting more complex, then we suggest you head to Estonia to take a deep dive into these topics. No doubt it’s the place to do it. 

Reason #10: This e-society is going global.  

Estonia’s technological advancements are paving the way for the rest of the world and all our futures. Stay ahead of the curve and learn all about this e-society so you can be a global leader in tech one day yourself. You won’t regret it.  

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Estonia is Calling 

If you’re passionate about all things tech, studying abroad in Estonia is the perfect choice for you. Get started today!