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The world is your laboratory.

From rainforests, to deserts, to coral reefs, studying abroad offers science students access to a host of diverse environments, ecosystems and research methodologies. Look at biodiversity and sustainability in Australia, an innovator in preservation and environmental issues. Or study abroad in The Netherlands, a nation at the forefront of water management, waste management, and renewable energy.

With CIEE you'll conduct hands-on field work, independent projects and intern or volunteer with local environmental groups and agencies. You’ll expand your skill set and gain international perspective you can apply to any field.

Whether you’re a science major, or just need to fulfill an elective, CIEE study abroad programs give you the opportunity and tools to examine, for yourself, the complexities and opportunities surrounding sustainability and the environment.

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  • Study Outdoor Leadership + Environmental Education, Theory and Practice Abroad in Wollongong | Study Abroad with CIEE in Australia
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