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  • January in Barcelona

    Barcelona, Spain

    Spend J-term exploring international marketing or the arts in the culture-filled capital of Catalonia.

  • January in Berlin

    Berlin, Germany

    Study Holocaust Studies or Entrepreneurship and Start-up Culture in Europe

  • January in Cape Town

    Cape Town, South Africa

    Spend J-term in the stunningly beautiful city of Cape Town exploring South African history.

  • January in Paris

    Paris, France

    Discover Paris's rich past and vibrant present with CIEE this January!

  • January in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Spend J-term in the progressive city of Amsterdam exploring the city’s public health policies or gender, race, and popular culture in the Netherlands.

  • January in Copenhagen

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Copenhagen in January

    Spend winter break studying Gender and Sexuality in Denmark’s vibrant capital.

  • January in Dublin

    Dublin, Ireland

    Discover firsthand the intricacies of Irish Culture, Society, and Identity.

  • January in Kyoto

    Kyoto, Japan

    kyoto japan, winter, village

    Get an insiders look at the art of Manga this January!

  • January in Legon

    Legon, Ghana

    Study Culture and Reproductive Health in this extraordinary West African country.

  • January in London

    London, England

    See how London’s influential culture impacts Europe and the world

    Spend J-term in one of the world’s most fascinating cities!

  • January in Prague

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Spend J-term in Prague taking a deep-dive into social psychology.

  • January in Rome

    Rome, Italy

    Spend J-term in the Eternal City of Rome, the birthplace of Western Civilization.

  • January in Seville

    Seville, Spain

    Experience the art, festivals and traditions

    Spend J-term in the charming city of Seville studying the culture and cuisine in Spain.

  • January in Monteverde

    Monteverde, Costa Rica

    Spend J-term in sunny Costa Rica learning Sustainable Development for the Tropics.