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  • Summer Business + Culture

    Shanghai, China

    Prepare for a career in international business

  • Summer Business + Culture

    Toulouse, France

    Immerse yourself in a storied past, study modern cultural dynamics up close

  • Summer Business, Communications + Culture

    Brussels, Belgium

    This summer, grab your front row seat

  • Summer Central European Studies

    Budapest, Hungary

    An enchanting city on the banks of the Danube River

  • Summer in Santiago

    Santiago, Chile

    Spend your summer in Santiago and explore the heritage of this Latin American nation while studying contemporary culture at our Global Institute.

  • Summer Intensive Chinese Language

    Beijing, China

    Beijing is the place to give your Mandarin skills a major boost this summer.

  • Summer Russian Area Studies

    St. Petersburg, Russia

    St. Petersburg is extra special in summer

    St. Petersburg is extra special in summer

  • Summer Engineering, Technology + Society

    Dublin, Ireland

    Examine the engineering aspects of creating and executing renewable and sustainable projects

  • Summer in Madrid

    Madrid, Spain

    Study and live in Spain’s vibrant capital city of Madrid this summer!

  • Summer Business + International Relations

    Moscow, Russia

    Explore the complexity of global business

  • Summer Senegalese Studies

    Dakar, Senegal

    Senegal is one of the region’s most developed, democratic, and friendly nations

  • Summer Central European Studies

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Soak up magnificent art and architecture

    Soak up magnificent art and architecture

  • Summer in Berlin

    Berlin, Germany

    Pack your bags and immerse yourself in the rich culture of one of Europe's most dynamic cities