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  • Global Internship

    London, England

    Global Internship in London

    The sights and sounds of London will be at your fingertips

  • Open Campus

    London, England

    Culturally diverse and historically rich, London is a feast for those seeking knowledge, adventure and inspiration.

  • Summer Global Internship

    London, England

    As a Global Intern in London, and expand your professional portfolio

  • Summer in London

    London, England

    Explore Great Britain’s role on the world stage

  • Arts+Humanities (Goldsmiths)

    London, England

    Studying in London, a global hub for arts

  • Arts+Sciences (Westminster)

    London, England

    Think big – Big Ben big – and come to London

  • Arts+Sciences (University College London)

    London, England

    You’ll also have cultural options galore

  • January in London

    London, England

    See how London’s influential culture impacts Europe and the world

    Gain an in-depth understanding of Terrorism, Security, and Policing in the Metropolitan City.