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  • Arts + Sciences

    Seoul, South Korea

    Seoul is full of intrigue and inspiration for students

    Seoul is full of intrigue and inspiration for students

  • Community Development, Language + Culture

    Iringa, Tanzania

    Embark on an exploration of challenges facing Tanzania

  • Liberal Arts

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Challenge yourself to courses taught in Portuguese

    Challenge yourself to courses taught in Portuguese

  • Language + Culture

    Ferrara, Italy

    Grab your chance to start or build on your skills

  • Summer Engineering, Technology + Society

    Dublin, Ireland

    Examine the engineering aspects of creating and executing renewable and sustainable projects

  • Summer in Copenhagen

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Spend your summer in the world’s first “bike city” choosing from courses across humanities and environmental studies while immersing yourself in Danish culture.

  • Accelerated Chinese Language

    Shanghai, China

    Whether you’re a rank beginner or have strong Chinese language skills, you’ll progress by leaps and bounds, moving ahead at least two levels with CIEE in Shanghai.

  • Advanced Chinese Studies

    Beijing, China

    The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Olympic Stadium are just some of the awesome historic sites that will amaze you

  • Advanced Liberal Arts

    Brussels, Belgium

    Get a front row seat to explore Belgian politics and culture

  • Arts + Sciences

    Gaborone, Botswana

    Gaborone – or Gab as it’s locally known – is a fine place to connect with the people of Botswana

  • Arts + Sciences

    Hyderabad, India

    Choose from classes specially designed for international students

  • Arts + Sciences

    Legon, Ghana

    Ghana has a rich cultural heritage and fascinating history of politics

  • Arts+Sciences (Westminster)

    London, England

    Think big – Big Ben big – and come to London