Cape Town, South Africa

January in Cape Town

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Information for term January in Cape Town

Application deadline, and cost information.

Application Deadline

November 1, 2023

Program Deadlines and Pricing Info

  • Deadline: November 1, 2023
  • Dates: Jan 2 – 24, 2024
  • Credit: 3 semester hours / 4.5 quarter hours
  • Eligibility: 2.5 Overall GPA


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Have you ever considered trading the northern hemisphere mid-winter for the southern hemisphere mid-summer? You can do precisely that by spending January studying abroad in Cape Town!

South Africa's "Mother City" consistently ranks in the world's top three tourist destinations, and January is one of its best months of the year! When class is in session, you'll learn about power, privilege, injustices, reconciliation, and the changes taking place across this vibrant destination. Outside the classroom, you'll explore Cape Town's stunning beaches, majestic mountains, and most beloved vineyards. In addition to hiking, surfing, and sightseeing, you will participate in immersive co-curricular activities organized by CIEE to increase your cultural understanding of South Africa's second-largest city. 

The Takeaways


    a wonderful tourist location for adventure


    of the summer season in the Southern Hemisphere


    into the historical and political transition from Apartheid (segregation) to a democratic South African society


    in 2006

  • Origin of modern humans 4.5 – 2.5 million years ago


Location & Culture

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The beautiful coastal city of Cape Town, with its glorious beaches and mountains, is called many names: the Mother City, the Cape of Good Hope, the Cape of Storms, and the Gateway to Africa. Cape Town is two worlds in one. From wealthy developments with great shopping centers to vibrant townships, there’s never a shortage of things to do and experience in Cape Town – especially for those on a student budget.

Cape Town’s Mediterranean climate means that January brings warm, sunny days and average daily high temperatures are level around 76°F. January is the height of summer here!

CIEE wants all our students to feel welcomed, supported, and empowered to succeed while studying abroad. Local CIEE staff have provided details about conditions and cultural attitudes that students with specific identities might encounter in Cape Town.

Excursions & Activities

Excursions & Activities

Featured excursion

As part of your course, you’ll visit the Robben Island Museum, a World Heritage Site where the first democratically elected President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, was imprisoned under apartheid laws. You will walk in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela, tour the island’s rich fauna and flora treasures, visit the lime quarry where the political prisoners worked, and see the village where former warders lived. 

Other activities

  • Table Mountain visit 
  • Langa community visit 
  • Walking tour of Cape Town 
  • Exploring the District Six Museum 
  • Visiting the Slave Lodge 
  • Participating in community engagement activities in under-served communities 

Program Blogs

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Program Blogs

Daily Life

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  • Housing

    Students will live in comfortable single-room apartments within a 10-minute walk of CIEE Cape Town. They will share the residence with other CIEE Study Abroad participants, as well as local and international students attending various universities and colleges across the city.

    All the rooms are fully furnished and include an ensuite bathroom, a fully fitted kitchen, uncapped Wi-Fi, and a wall-mounted TV. The accommodation also offers a fully equipped gym, a laundry facility on each floor, and a recreational social space on the ground floor for free time. Students can enjoy social interactions with their peers in a variety of communal areas and can also appreciate the quiet spaces that allow them to study on their own or work on tasks in a group.

    Dependent on availability, students may also live in apartments shared with other CIEE students. If local health and safety regulations permit, students live in double or triple rooms. Each apartment will have shared common spaces, including a kitchen and bathroom. 

  • Meals

    Meals are not included. Students prepare meals in their apartments or make use of the many restaurants and takeaway options nearby. 

  • Transportation

    Students usually make use of Uber or ride-share services rather than unreliable, infrequent public transport. Costs are approximately $0.60 USD per kilometer, which makes this an affordable option for many. 

What People are Saying

  • "The people, places, food, and landscape are absolutely amazing!"

    Logan F., Susquehanna University
  • "It was an incredible experience and everyone should be able to experience it."

    Patrick W., Wofford College
  • "It is such a great experience and you learn so much in a short period of time."

    Robert L., Wofford College
  • "Awesome experience studying abroad in another country."

    Tatum H., St Olaf College


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January in Cape Town invites students to study “From Rhodes to Mandela and from Apartheid to AIDS”. Student study the historical, political, and economic transitions of South Africa, from a divided country to a more inclusive democracy.

CIEE Cape Town is located in the Rondebosch district, near the University of Cape Town campus.



Language Prerequisites

There are no specific language requirements for this program.

Individual courses may have additional prerequisites; for CIEE courses, these are listed in the syllabi below. Students are responsible for having their own course approval conversations with their advisors.

Program Requirements

1 CIEE course

Program Credit

Total credit: 3 U.S. semester/4.5 quarter credits

Course Credit

CIEE courses: 3 U.S. semester/4.5 quarter credits; 45 contact hours

Individual courses may have additional prerequisites; for CIEE courses, these are listed in the syllabi below. Students are responsible for having their own course approval conversations with their advisors.

Academic Culture

The program is made up of three weeks of classes with an intensive orientation beforehand. CIEE classes are designed to follow U.S. academic culture. Class attendance is strictly enforced both for classes and required co-curricular excursions. Independent learning and active participation in class are necessary to achieve satisfactory academic performance.

Class Format

Courses taught at CIEE Cape Town are for CIEE students only. Courses are taught Monday – Friday, with some activities taking place on weekends. Instruction is supported and augmented online by our learning management system, Canvas.


Assessment is based on the individual’s overall performance in the course, including essays, coursework, and final examinations or papers. Students must check with their professors to find out exam and project presentation dates. Under no circumstances will CIEE alter deadlines or exam dates for study abroad students who have made conflicting travel plans. The U.S. grading scale of A-F is used.

Individual courses may have additional prerequisites; for CIEE courses, these are listed in the syllabi below. Students are responsible for having their own course approval conversations with their advisors.

Language of Instruction


Individual courses may have additional prerequisites; for CIEE courses, these are listed in the syllabi below. Students are responsible for having their own course approval conversations with their advisors.


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Course Information


Note: This course listing is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a contract between CIEE and any applicant, student, institution, or other party. The courses, as described, may be subject to change as a result of ongoing curricular revisions, assignment of lecturers and teaching staff, and program development. Courses may be canceled due to insufficient enrollment.
"(GI)" denotes courses that originated at CIEE's Global Institutes and that are offered at multiple CIEE sites.

Dates & Fees

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Dates & Fees

You get more for every dollar when you study abroad with CIEE, because our high-quality programs include everything from excursions to insurance. There are no hidden charges, and no disappointing surprises when you arrive.


Application Due

Start Date

End Date

Fees & Housing

January 2024 Nov 1, 2023 Jan 2, 2024 Jan 24, 2024

To help you budget, keep in mind that students are responsible for the cost of international airfare, local transportation, books and supplies, visas, and personal expenses. In addition, your college or university may charge additional fees for study abroad, or may require you to receive a transcript via CIEE's School of Record, which carries an additional fee of $500.

What's Included

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What's Included

Some Meals
For students living in homestays
Pre-departure Advising
Advising before you depart to set goals and answer questions
Optional on-site airport meet-and-greet
Introduction to your program plus practical information about living in your host city
On-site Staff
Full-time program leadership and support in your city
Cultural and/or Co-curricular Activities
Excursions and/or Study Tours
Travel Protection
CIEE iNext and a local liability insurance
24/7 emergency on-site support

Our Staff

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