Study Abroad in Mexico

Immerse yourself in Yucatan life

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It’s the perfect place to develop your Spanish language skills, dive into natural sciences, and immerse yourself in Yucatan life...

Settle into Mérida, the capital and cultural center of the Yucatan State. Not only is Mérida one of the safest and loveliest cities on the peninsula, but it’s filled with treasures both above ground and below. Extensive underground caves and beautiful cenotes offer unique insight into Mérida’s karst topography, while aboveground, world-famous Mayan ruins give visitors a remarkable glimpse into one of the oldest and most sophisticated civilizations on earth.

Study abroad in Mérida offers students 250 days of sunshine a year, bustling universities and research facilities, restaurants, museums, galleries, and natural wonders – all just a short flight from the U.S. mainland.

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