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Ansan Pics + I Hope You Can Relax

By Emily S.

Midterms were rough for most of us. They certainly were stressful for me - in fact, I'm not even done. But when I get overwhelmed I just remember that I... keep reading

Hiking Inwangsan with CIEE

By Emily S.

One of my goals during my semester abroad in South Korea? Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow... you understand. My close friends and I had already followed... keep reading


Madrid Cable Cars with a Bird’s Eye View of Madrid

By Eero Jesurun at CIEE

Many locals comment on the crisp blue skies of Madrid´s skyline. Our CIEE students enjoy this view close up with one of the multiple (optional) cultural activities that goes on... keep reading

Part 5: Reverse Culture Shock is Real

By Jessica C.

My home university required all study abroad participants to go through cultural awareness training prior to departure. This included how to properly dress, climate differences, alcohol consumption, language differences, etc... keep reading

Part 4: Block Three (My Final 6 Weeks)

By Jessica C.

My last six weeks in Copenhagen were by far the most chaotic. Chaotic in that I spent the first twelve weeks putting off small excursions, such as various museum visits... keep reading


Happy to be back!

By CIEE Santiago at CIEE

The title of this blog post has a twofold meaning for me personally, and I'm very happy to share these news with you! The COVID pandemic forced everyone of us... keep reading

Part 3: Block Two (FCK! FCK! FCK!)

By Jessica C.

Denmark is notorious for bad weather during the winter months. The sun rises between 8:30-9:30 and is almost completely set by 4:30pm. Yes, it would be a bit of a... keep reading

Part 2: Block One (Adjusting to a New Normal)

By Jessica C.

As I mentioned in my first blog post, I was in Copenhagen for all three blocks. With every block that passed, I found myself falling more in love with the... keep reading

Part 1: Pre-Departure Nerves

By Jessica C.

I never intended to move out of New York state for college. Actually, I never planned on moving off of Long Island at all. When I was younger, I had... keep reading

Getting Swindled in Hongdae

By Madeleine D.

Seoul is known to have the stereotype of being a very safe place to live. That stereotype, in my experience, is mostly true. I have seen situations where someone lost... keep reading

Strangers Above Seoul: A Trek To Baegundae Peak

By Elizabeth A.

A fairly easy, beginner’s hiking trail that takes me to the top of Seoul. Sounds like a perfect way to explore Korea, right? Wrong, so very wrong. Well, not all... keep reading

A Taste of Glamping

By Jemma X.

As camping is getting more and more popular these days in South Korea especially among young people, going camping has been one of the things on my must-do list before... keep reading

Beach Hopping in Busan

By Bryanna V.

A friend and I traveled to Busan for a weekend trip to relax and not feel overwhelmed in Seoul. One thing Busan is known for is its beautiful beaches and... keep reading

Creative Spaces

By Riya J.

The bass vibrating in my chest, the beat controlling my arms and legs like a marionette doll, the melody and harmony changing roughly every three and a half minutes -... keep reading

Observations on University in Jordan

By Riya J.

CIEE Amman offers us the opportunity to take a class at Princess Sumaya University of Technology. Wanting to meet Jordanians my age, I took the opportunity and signed up for... keep reading