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Maria F.

Maria F.

The Volta is the most easterly region of Ghana, right along the border of Togo. Given its scenic beauty and many natural landscape attractions, the Volta Region is a popular destination spot for many to visit during their stay in Ghana. Other students, both local and international, said how nice and beautiful their experience had been; so, I signed up to go on a hiking themed Volta trip.

This trip made me realize that, as an American, I have a very different definition of hiking. I am not really an avid hiker to begin with, so my experience with “hiking” in the past has really been walking through nature parks. But, Wli waterfalls is no nature park and is actually the tallest waterfall in all of West Africa.

When I heard an answer of anywhere between one hour and three hours to get to the top, I really could not gauge what I was in for. Yet, considering about 30 other people were about to do this hike, I told myself that I could do it. As I took my first steps with my walking stick in hand, I could have never imagined that I would be on this mountain for 6 hours.

I can not stress enough that climbing the mountain was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. It is literally a constant battle of climbing uphill for hours. It felt like it was never going to end. Not to mention that a small group of us got separated from the tour guide; so, for a good portion of the trip, we led ourselves in a general direction that we thought would get us to the waterfall (which it eventually did).

After hours and hours of hiking, we finally reached the upper falls. The waterfall was so beautiful and refreshing. However, this waterfall was so forceful it was almost as if it had a vengeance. The wind was so forceful, that we all got wet before going into the water. From there, we traveled a long way downhill to reach the lower falls. It was so peaceful, that it made the hike worth it. Honestly, with the rigor and length of that mountain, I never thought I’d make it back to the beginning but I did but, I am so proud of myself for accomplishing such a feat.

Overall, this was such a defining experience in my time at Ghana. I really bonded with those I hiked with and push my body to limits I never realized it could achieve. If you are seeking adventure and beautiful, breath-taking views of mountains and even a chance to see Togo, then hiking Wli waterfalls is for you. If hiking is not your thing, but you are still interested in seeing the waterfalls you can take the 45-minute walk to the lower falls and enjoy your time in the water. Either way, go to Volta and experience its scenic beauty and charm. 

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