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A new global program jointly delivered by CIEE and Hacker Exchange.  

In January 2020, LinkedIn ranked the top five soft skills in-demand worldwide.  

Creativity. Persuasion. Collaboration. Adaptability. Emotional intelligence. And the hard skills? Cloud computing, AI, UX design all made the top ten. 

Since then the world has changed. But the demand for entrepreneurial skills and tech literacy has not. In fact, in a locked-down, digitally-reliant world, they become even more important.  

Graduates write their own ‘global story’ 
Today, we are proud to share that CIEE, the world’s leading international education organization, and innovation education leaders Hacker Exchange are launching the Virtual Global Innovation Internship – an exciting new program for ambitious university students (who aren’t going to let something as inconvenient as a global pandemic impact their future plans.)

As the first collaboration between CIEE and Hacker Exchange, the Virtual Global Innovation Internship combines one week of intensive, entrepreneurial skill acquisition with a 7- or 11-week virtual internship placement, drawn from a robust network of companies based in cities around the globe.  

Delivered online, the Virtual Global Innovation Internship is a singular experience designed to build new economy skills and international professional relationships.  It enables students from the US to collaborate with peers in Australia, learn about start-ups from experts in Silicon Valley, explore high tech companies in Singapore, or complete an industry internship in global innovation hubs like Berlin.  

For today’s graduates, we know that entrepreneurial skill sets, mindsets, and networks will set them apart in a competitive market. The world will truly be their workplace.  

Together, CIEE and Hacker Exchange will help them get there faster.  

Who are CIEE and Hacker Exchange?  
Founded in 1947, CIEE brings the world together through exchange, international education, and experiential learning programs – helping thousands of people gain the knowledge and skills necessary to live and work in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world. Based in Portland, Maine, CIEE has programs in over 30 cities to further their mission to humanize international relations and increase global understanding.

Hacker Exchange are ‘young, scrappy and hungry’ innovation and start-up educators based in Melbourne, Australia. In three short years, Hacker Exchange has been established as a world-class educator, picking up the PIEoneer Award for International Employability Impact,’s Award for Innovation in Online Programming, and running innovation programs tightly integrated with the start-up and tech industries. Hacker Exchange’s ambitious mission to supercharge the next generation is realized in the many start-ups and innovation careers launched as a direct outcome of their programs.  

Our shared mission is to create future leaders that can build businesses and create change with empathy and resilience – and communicate across cultures to tackle challenges for a globally interconnected world. 

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