Why Study at Tallinn University

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CIEE Tallinn

Tallinn University (TLU) is a modern, dynamic, and innovative university located in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia. See list of courses.

The university was established in 2005 after a merger between several smaller universities and research institutions in Estonia. Despite its relatively young age, the university has quickly gained a reputation for academic excellence and innovation. It is also accredited and is a member of several international organizations such as the European University Association and the Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues.

Academic Programs

Tallinn University offers a wide range of academic programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The university's main areas of focus include social sciences, humanities, and education. Some of the most popular programs include Digital Learning Games: a unique program that focuses on the design and development of educational games and simulations. Communication Management: a program that prepares students for careers in public relations, advertising, and marketing. Law and Governance: a program that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of legal systems and governance structures. In addition to these programs, Tallinn University also offers courses in areas such as psychology, sociology, political science, and cultural studies. Studying in Tallinn University, you can choose courses from every program mentioned above, but we also tailored a specific semester course Russian Language and European Studies, that you could learn and practice Russian language but also get insights about international relations close to Russian boarder.

There are several other reasons why studying at TalTech in Tallinn, Estonia can be a compelling choice:

Multicultural Environment

Tallinn University embraces diversity and welcomes students from around the world. Studying at TLU allows you to be part of a multicultural community and interact with students from different backgrounds and cultures. This exposure provides valuable international perspectives and enhances your overall learning experience.

Innovative Approach

TLU is known for its innovative approach to education and research. The university encourages critical thinking, creativity, and practical skills development. It emphasizes interdisciplinary studies, collaboration, and engagement with societal challenges, fostering a forward-thinking learning environment.

Digital Society and E-Governance

Estonia is renowned for its digital society and advanced e-governance system. Studying at TLU provides an opportunity to experience and understand the practical applications of digital technologies and e-services in various fields. It offers a unique perspective on the intersection of technology and society.

Supportive Student Services

TLU offers a range of student services and support systems to ensure a smooth academic journey. These services include academic advising, counseling, career guidance, library resources, and student organizations. The university prioritizes student well-being and provides resources to help students thrive academically and personally.

Vibrant Cultural Scene

Tallinn is a city rich in culture and history. As the capital of Estonia, it offers a vibrant cultural scene with numerous museums, galleries, theaters, festivals, and events. Studying at TLU gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in this dynamic cultural environment, providing valuable cultural experiences alongside your studies.


Ultimately, choosing to study at Tallinn University offers a combination of academic excellence, a multicultural environment, innovative learning approaches, and access to Estonia's digital society. It can provide a unique and enriching educational experience that prepares you for future success.