Why Study Abroad in Lisbon?

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Lisbon is known for being a beautiful and vibrant city, full of history. These are certainly a few reasons to choose the capital of Portugal as a touristic destination.
However, why study abroad in Lisbon? Here’s why:

  • Lisbon is a multicultural city

Considering the people living in the city, the international students, and the thousands of tourists that visit Lisbon every year, you’ll be exposed to many different cultures.

By coming to Lisbon, you’ll be able to travel to different countries during your time off! Just have your backpack ready!  

  • Improve your language skills

Portuguese won’t be the only language you’ll learn! By travelling around Europe, you’ll be able to learn French, Italian, Spanish, and many others. Plus, if you stay with a Portuguese family, you’ll be able to practice Portuguese everyday!

  • Extend your network

You’ll get to know new colleagues and professionals in the area you choose to study! You can make important connections for your future and, don’t forget, you’ll make friends that will last a lifetime!

  • Develop new skills

If you're living and studying in a different country, you’ll develop new skills. You’ll need to be able to adapt to the different situations that are presented to you (including to different teaching styles);  you’ll learn how to improve your communication (even the non-verbal one); you’ll improve your crisis resolution and leadership; you’ll become more responsible, and learn how to stand up for yourself!

What about now? Are you ready to come to Lisbon?