Why STEM + Study Abroad = The Perfect Match

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College Study Abroad

Are you a STEM major interested in study abroad, but restricted by rigorous academic demands? Stop wishing and start planning! Not only is international education critical to your professional development, but CIEE has a lineup of new STEM courses that meet U.S. academic standards and allow you to complete STEM requirements on a flexible schedule!

Here’s another six reasons why you should get your bags packed …

Easily stay on track for graduation

We understand - STEM students face a demanding, highly-structured curriculum that makes it seem impossible to fit in study abroad. Good news - CIEE offers STEM courses on our six-week Open Campus Block programs. Study abroad in the beautiful Yucatán Peninsula, while taking physics and completing lab requirements in our state-of-the-art lab facilities. Study sustainability in Monteverde while taking biology, chemistry, and science writing, with the 57,000-acre Cloud Forest Reserve as your classroom. In fact, you can choose from 12 locations around the world to take courses in biology, chemistry, ecology, engineering, environmental science, math, physics, public and community health, statistics, and computer programing. No matter your STEM-focused discipline, you’ll get a real-world take on STEM studies and earn credits to stay on track for graduation!

“All work and all play”

Every CIEE study abroad program offers co-curricular activities and study tours to help students learn outside of the classroom! Our courses let you put STEM concepts to work on paper and in the field! Conduct independent research alongside field experts in Buenos Aires, explore natural sciences at world-class research stations in the Yucatán, or gain hands-on experience at international tech companies in Berlin. Plus, local excursions let you immerse yourself in the community and gain valuable intercultural skills. Discover the ruins at Chichén Itzá in Mexico, dance alongside locals at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, or cheer on Real Madrid in their legendary Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. 

Courses in English (or practice a new language)

No foreign language skills? No problem! All CIEE courses are taught in English, no matter the location. But if you understand the value of a second language, courses are available at all levels so you can improve your proficiency. And, if your language skills are advanced, you could find yourself enrolled in the local university, taking classes alongside local students. Language learning aside, nothing can replace the value of international experience when you enter the global job market.  

Small class sizes

No more lecture halls! These STEM courses are taught by academics and trained experts in small class sizes, so every student gets the attention and support they need. Research shows -students perform better on exams in small class sizes because they can work one-on-one with the professor. Small class sizes will also help you bond with your peers and allow you to feel comfortable sharing thoughts and ideas. These connections can lead to lasting friendships and the start to your global network.

Score sweet scholarships, just for you

Use your STEM background to your advantage. To recognize high academic achievement, CIEE offers merit scholarships to our strongest students studying health sciences, nursing, and public health; tropical and marine ecology; and undergraduate research. Did you know if you’re Pell-eligible, you are guaranteed a Global Access Initiative (GAIN) Travel Grant from CIEE? This grant covers up to $2,000 toward airfare to and from your program location. There are also several need-based grants available and program discounts, where applicable. Studying abroad as a STEM major doesn’t mean you have to break the bank!

Gain a global perspective

Perhaps more than any other field of study, STEM students need the global competencies gained during study abroad: the ability to work in diverse groups, to collaborate across cultures, and to problem-solve across disciplines. There’s no better investment you can make to prepare yourself for success in today’s global job market than to make the world your campus and study abroad.

Plan your STEM study abroad adventure today!
Study STEM abroad. 

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