Why Monteverde?

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Karen Masters

Karen Masters

Why is Monteverde an excellent place to study?

Monteverde, located on top of the Tilarán Mountains of Costa Rica, is internationally renowned for its protection of the environment, but also for its committment to peace, community, and a sustainable future. 

The pacifist history of Monteverde has roots that go back to the Quaker settlers, from Alabama, USA, who gave the region its name. Refusing to serve in the Korean War, the Quakers sought a special place where they could live in peace.
Their legacy in Monteverde has permitted people of many nations to take refuge in Costa Rica, a tiny nation that chooses not to have a standing army.  

Efforts by scientists, locals, children, and people around the country and world who believe in conservation have helped to protect more than 26,000 hectares (~ 64,000 acres) in  and around Monteverde.
Nowadays, the clouds and mist allow hundreds of different species to concentrate in the magnificent forest, making the Monteverde Region a principal attraction for scores of tourists and naturalists.

A biodiversity hotspot with fantastic landscapes and fabulous sunsets, together with authentic Costa Rican kindness, make this the PURA VIDA country.
Studying in Costa Rica breaks the routine, immerses you in a warm and friendly Latin culture, and gives firsthand experiences of an alternative way to live peacefully, sustainably, and surrounded by nature. 


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