What is in a Name?

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Judy C.

I was born in Puerto Rico and named Judith. A Hebrew name meaning "Jewish woman". Ultimately referring to a person from the tribe of Judah. But why? My mother is a very humble cultural woman who has no connection with the Jewish community or its history. I now wonder where she got it from. I will ask her. But for now, this is what’s historically connected to my name. Not sure I like it. It is associated with a main character of the apocryphal Book of Judith. She killed Holofernes, an invading Assyrian commander, by beheading him in his sleep. Thank the Lord its just a myth. But is it? Everything we say has some truth behind it. Story telling is very intriguing if you know your audience and if you have material. The story may be fascinating just not your story to tell.

I learned that in Africa this past summer. It's not Africa's story. It is the story of those who stole it and attempted to also steal their identity. Tell your story. What ever it is. Never lose your identity and never allow anyone to tell your story!

What is in a Name?

Is this my story?

Am I a monster?

Am I history?

I have struggled with my identity.

I have struggled with my pains.

I have struggled with my insecurities.

I have struggled with my past.

What defines us?

What connects with us?

Are we our past or our future?

It fascinates me!

My name is connected to a story.

Not my story.

But a story.