South Peninsula Biome, Cape Town Study Tour

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The South Peninsula Biome is a rich, diverse, geographical environment with a variety of indigenous flora and fauna unique to this particular region. Accompanying this plethora of natural phenomena are equally complicated socio-political dynamics. The small fishing community of Hangberg in Hout Bay in the Western Cape is a microcosm of the particularity of this dynamic ecosphere, both topographically and socio-politically. Under apartheid, The Group Areas Act of 1950 declared Hout Bay a “white only” neighbourhood. This meant that the Khoisan, the indigenous residents of Hout Bay, who were deemed by the apartheid system to be “non-white” or “coloured”, were relocated to Hangberg, a sentinel close to the harbour, and served as cheap labour for the fishing industry monopolised by white settlers.


Hike up Little Lion's Head, visit the World of Birds Wildlife Sanctuary and Monkey Park, exercise on Hout Bay Beach or shop for art and support an outreach program. 

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