Volunteering To Teach English: Incheon High School Students

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Tristyn D.

Tristyn D.

With CIEE, we were able to have an opportunity to teach English to Korean High school students. Of course, since I want to teach English in the future in Korea, I took this opportunity. At first, it was a bit awkward since we didn't really know each other that well, but after playing some ice breaker games, we were able to become more comfortable. We introduced a fun fact about each other, played "The Winds are Changing" and Telephone with each other. It was incredibly fun, and allowed us to get to know each other more.

After games, we went to Chinatown in Incheon and ate Jjajangmyeong and explored Chinatown together. 


At the end of the day, we took photos together and said goodbye, but the memories will be there for forever. I have said this in the past blog posts, but doing volunteerwork with CIEE is so incredibly worth it. It allows you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and try new experiences that you will remember for forever. I feel as though this experience will help me in the future with teaching as well as just cultural competence. I would post the pictures we took together with the students, but it would be an invasion of their privacy, so the photos I have included are simply from our trip to Chinatown!

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