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Tristyn D.

Arts + Sciences Seoul, South Korea
Hometown: Altoona, Pennsylvania

I'm a 21 year old Senior currently studying in Seoul, South Korea hoping to soon be teaching here as well!


Tips for Living in Korea with Diabetes

By Tristyn D.

Living in Korea is an adjustment in general, but living in Korea with diabetes can be extremely hard. With noodle dishes and rice in basically every meal, it seems like... keep reading

Volunteering To Teach English: Incheon High School Students

By Tristyn D.

With CIEE, we were able to have an opportunity to teach English to Korean High school students. Of course, since I want to teach English in the future in Korea... keep reading

Making Fruit Tea with the YECCO Club

By Tristyn D.

CIEE gives students so many opportunities and extracurricular activities to participate in. There are so many fun things to sign up for and to participate in. However, CIEE has also... keep reading

Travel Agencies in Korea: Trazy (Gwangju SBS Super Concert)

By Tristyn D.

Traveling in general can be hard for foreigners in a new country, but there are travel agencies available for these types of travel and activities especially. One site that I... keep reading

Amusement Parks: Everland

By Tristyn D.

When people in Korea think of amusement parks, many people first think of Lotte World. However, there is another amusement park that is also quite popular. Everland. Everland is located... keep reading

Going to Concerts in Korea

By Tristyn D.

K-pop has become a growing source of popularity for Korea, and it has increased tourism as well. Many foreigners tend to want to visit Korea specifically to see their favorite... keep reading

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