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Learn to teach, travel and make a difference!

This is not your average TEFL certification.  Here at CIEE, we believe the best place to become global citizens, make positive influence, and produce growth as people and nations is in the classroom.  The purpose of teaching English abroad is to facilitate intercultural exchange, and ESL teachers are both the instigators of change and the conduits for cultural immersion.

We also know that it’s difficult to plan for a life of immersion. When you choose to move, teach, and travel abroad for a living, it’s impossible to plan for everything life will throw at you! We understand that just because you can speak English fluently, doesn’t necessarily mean you have all the tools necessary to teach it.  CIEE TEFL will ensure you’re prepped and ready for anything that can be thrown your way — it’s the ultimate safety net.


  • Multiple program offerings so you can decide what’s right for you
  • Live tutors who give personalized feedback
  • Weekly live meetings
  • Small class sizes that are capped at 16 students
  • Opportunities to collaborate with peers through discussion boards
  • Intercultural training to help you navigate diverse cultures in the classroom
  • The opportunity to complete your TEFL certification abroad through Destination TEFL


Don’t just earn. Learn.
CIEE TEFL Certification is for fluent English speakers looking to not only earn a certification but also learn how to be a successful English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher. We offer a range of online TEFL certification programs – with practicum options at home or abroad – that fit everyone’s experience levels.

What is a TEFL Certification?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

It is an academic course that teaches you how to Teach English as a Foreign Language that typically results in a certification. This certification is used as a credential to teach English abroad, at home, or online.

CIEE understands that there is a lot of information about this certification out there. We complied the most important facts into one guide to make it easier for you. 

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An effective TEFL certification course will include:

  • English language acquisition theory (understand how your students learn English so that you can successfully teach them)
  • Language teaching methodologies (we all have different learning styles – arm yourself with a teaching toolkit to ensure you reach all your students)
  • Grammar modules (you can formulate grammatically correct sentences  - but can you explain why they’re correct?)
  • Intercultural training (if you’re going to take one thing away from a TEFL course this is it – understanding individual cultures plays the biggest role in actually helping your students learn English)
  • Required practicum hours (put your new skills to use as a TEFL teacher on the other side of the desk) 


  • Dedicated US-based staff to help you with every question along the way
  • Flexible course start dates – new courses start every 2 weeks
  • Opportunities to complete your practicum training abroad
  • An extensive network of over 350,000 alumni worldwide
  • Access to expert Teach Abroad staff to help you get you a job teaching English overseas


When should you start your TEFL program?

  • Teaching Abroad

    At least 8-months prior to your intended departure date.

  • Teaching at home or online

    4-months before you apply for a position.

  • Not sure what your next steps are?

    That’s ok! The sooner you start the sooner you are finished.

Find the Program that's right for you!

With courses starting every two weeks you can pick the start date, and end date that works best for your schedule.

​Upcoming 150-Hour TEFL Certification Start Dates

Program Name Start Date End Date
150-Hour TEFL Course April 1, 2019 June 16, 2019
150-Hour TEFL Course April 15, 2019 June 30, 2019
150-Hour TEFL Course April 29, 2019 July 14, 2019
150-Hour TEFL Course May 13, 2019 July 28, 2019


TEFL Placement Application Deadlines*


Program Name Apply by PROGRAM DATES
Placement in Costa Rica April 1, 2019 Rolling
Placement in Murcia April 1, 2019 October 1, 2019 - May 31, 2020


Practicum Abroad Application Deadlines*


Program Name Apply by Program Dates
Destination TEFL Czech Republic April 1, 2019 June 3-14, 2019
Destination TEFL Spain April 1, 2019 May 13-24, 2019


*These programs are open to anyone who has completed a CIEE 150 or 180-hour program. You can enroll in any 150 or 180-hour course and decide to add on a placement (at no additional charge) or finish your practicum abroad at any of one of our international locations.

How to use your TEFL certification

  • Teach English Abroad

    CIEE Teach Abroad will land you a job abroad, get you a visa, and support you every step along the way.

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  • Teach English at Home

    Be a positive influence in the lives of immigrants and refugees in your community by teaching English.

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  • Teach English Online

    Earn money working from home or while traveling the globe by teaching English online.

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Get Started Today!

The enrollment form requires you to create an account, which will take approximately 1 minute to complete. Once you have an account, your enrollment form will require some personal information and preferences for course date and tutorial time. In order to hold your space, you will need to submit a registration fee of $200 USD.

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What People are Saying

  • "The course material is informative and broken down in a way that makes the course great for visual, audio, and kinesthetic learners."

    P. Mongo, Westwood, Mass., preparing to teach in Thailand
  • For the first time, I really began to believe in myself as a teacher.

    M. Royster, Michigan, preparing to teach in Spain