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Whether you’re just beginning to explore the possibilities of teaching abroad, or you already have a job offer, CIEE TEFL Certification courses will serve as a valuable source of knowledge for you.  

For those looking to start their teach abroad journey, our 150-hour TEFL certification and 180-hour TEFL certification courses meet international TEFL standards while catering to multicultural understanding.  

The 60-hour TEFL Certificate is great for a crash course in foundational TEFL knowledge and our 30-hour TEFL Certificate course is perfect for anyone looking to specialize in teaching a specific age group.  

On top of all of that, a TEFL certification never expires! 


  • 150-hour TEFL Certification

    Our flagship course, perfect for anyone looking to become internationally certified to teach English abroad. Course includes: 

    • 150 total training hours 
    • Online coursework for 11 weeks 
    • Cohort of peers 
    • Dedicated course instructor
    • 20 hours of practicum 
    • Meets international qualifications
    • Cost: $1,195

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  • 60-hour TEFL Certificate

    Our introductory TEFL course, ideal for someone looking to learn what TEFL is about. Course includes: 

    • 60 total training hours 
    • Open enrollment 
    • Self-paced (must be completed in 6 months) 
    • Support from a TEFL instructor
    • Option to enroll in 150-hour course
    • Cost: $300

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  • 30-hour TEFL Certificate

    Our age specialization course is made for someone looking to refine their skills in teaching young learners, teens, or adults. Course includes:


    • 30 total training hours 
    • Quarterly start dates
    • Online coursework for 3 weeks
    • Support from a TEFL instructor
    • Option to add on to 150-hour course
    • Cost: $270

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Also Available: 180-Hour TEFL Certification

This course is a great option for individuals who want to partake in the full training that comes with our flagship 150-Hour TEFL Certification Course with the additional age specialized training that comes with the 30-Hour TEFL Certificate Course. Learn more

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