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At CIEE, we have an experienced and dedicated team, committed to ensuring your success in our programs through a consultative approach.

Elisabeth Brewington

TEFL Coordinator

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Elisabeth graduated from Hope College in Michigan where she studied Psychology and Global French. Her love of international experiences began with a medical outreach trip to Nicaragua during her freshman year- and has led her to traveling to over 30 countries since then! Upon graduation, she became TEFL certified and has taught about with CIEE in both Thailand and the Czech Republic. She’s a firm believer in the value of travel and education and is excited to work with others through their own experiences. Elisabeth has recently returned to her hometown Portland, Maine and is pursuing a Masters in Healthcare Administration at Saint Joseph’s College.

Samantha Erwin

TEFL Manager

Samantha is a Minnesota native where she majored in Spanish and global studies at Winona State University. Her first experience abroad was when she spent an academic year studying in Granada, Spain in college. That experience opened a small window into the people and cultures of the world. From then on, she knew she needed to keep exploring. After graduation, she went to South America to travel and while in Peru, earned her TEFL certification. Shortly after, she moved to South Korea with her husband to teach English at a public elementary school and stayed for two years.  These experiences have led her to CIEE where she’s proud to help others create a more globally diverse world through international education.


Vice President, Global High School, Teach Abroad and TEFL Programs

Matt’s passion to bridge global cultures began with a trip to China just after high school on a trip led by one of his teachers. The trip provided lifelong friendships with both fellow students and Chinese cultural partners.

Since that experience, Matt has lived, studied, and worked in Spain, Chile, France, and the United States of America. Matt’s three host family experiences and numerous global friendships are an irreplaceable part of his life. Matt is excited to provide experiences that expand students’ horizons and open their minds to new possibilities. Matt dreams about helping future students overcome cultural barriers to create a more understanding, friendly, peaceful, and productive world.

Stephen Bush

Director, Teach Abroad and TEFL programs

Stephen developed a passion for Arabic and Middle East Studies during high school and while studying abroad in Egypt. After college he returned to Cairo where he taught social studies – including Egyptian history! – and had the time of his life learning the ins and outs of this throbbing metropolis. The personal relationships Stephen developed while studying and working in the Middle East helped him to appreciate the rich diversity of this region and the value of international education. Stephen is proud to help facilitate similarly life-changing teach abroad experiences for others.

Teach Abroad Program Portfolio: Hungary

Luke Beland

Operations Manager, Teach Abroad programs

Luke grew up amid the woods and lakes of Maine, and expanded his horizons by studying Arabic at university and teaching English in Jordan for two years. His favorite travel memories are riding bullet trains through western China, backpacking along the southern coast of Turkey, driving under the stars through the mountains of Morocco, and enjoying tea, falafel, and mezze with friends in Israel and Palestine.

Teach Abroad Program Portfolio: China, Morocco, Chile, Korea

Kerry Plath

Senior Teach Abroad Coordinator

Kerry’s love of travel started with a trip to Europe in high school that opened her eyes to new languages and cultures; she was hooked! Kerry attended Minnesota State University Moorhead where she majored in Spanish Education and International Business. In college, she studied in Spain and Mexico as well as taught Spanish Costa Rica. After a few years in the states, she returned to life abroad teaching English for three years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in The Republic of Macedonia. Her experiences living with host families, learning three languages, making lifelong friends, and fully immersing in different cultures led her to CIEE, where she loves supporting others on their international adventures as well as hearing stories from her current and former program participants.

Teach Abroad Program Portfolio: Czech Republic, Thailand, Vietnam

Hilary Leslie

Senior Teach Abroad Coordinator

Hilary fell in love with Europe at an early age and knew it would play a part in her future studies. As a Spanish major in college, she studied abroad in Costa Rica and then spent her senior year in Seville through CIEE Liberal Arts. Upon graduating Elon University, she taught in Madrid for two years with CIEE Teach in Spain at a bilingual primary school. Hilary's passion for travel and education continues as a CIEE employee and ESL teacher. She hopes to encourage as many people as possible to experience life overseas and inspire the next generation through English learning and cultural awareness.

Teach Abroad Program Portfolio: Spain (Madrid), Spain Professional, Spain Volunteer, Portugal Volunteer

Miranda Rodway

Senior Teach Abroad Coordinator

Miranda is a Maine native who left home after high school and returned after eight years of sampling life in a handful of different places. Her first look into the world of cultural exchange in the UK as an eighth-grade student inspired her to apply for a high school summer immersion program in the Dominican Republic. While working on her degree in Spanish and Translation, Miranda studied Spanish and taught English in Spain, spending one semester in Zaragoza and one in Salamanca. Most recently, she traveled to the South Pacific and stayed on a rural island with a host family for two months. After navigating the challenges and triumphs of living abroad in various countries and settings, Miranda is honored to help facilitate these rewarding experiences for others.

Teach Abroad Program Portfolio: Spain



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