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The Ultimate Guide to Teaching English in Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic is a beautiful European country noted for its romantic architecture, world-class beer, and idyllic landscapes. That, paired with a thriving English industry, and you have a winning combination that attracts thousands of ESL teachers every year interested in experiencing the beauty of Bohemia for themselves. 

Most aspiring ESL teachers dream of teaching English in Prague, enticed by the UNESCO World Heritage city center and the promise of city living. However, competition can be fierce in the country's capital, and the smaller towns and cities shouldn't be overlooked. They also provide a high quality of life and the unique opportunity to gain an intimate glimpse of Czech culture.

Snapshot of Teaching English in Czech Republic

Avg. Salary: $600-$1,500/month
Teaching Hours: 20-25 hours
Duration of contract: 10 months
Peak hiring season: September and January
School term: September to June
Visa requirements: Zivnostensky List (Czech business/freelance license), Employee card, or  EU citizenship

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Why Teach English in Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is a fantastic place to teach English, thanks to its low cost of living and work permits that allow Americans to live and teach in Europe. While it’s possible to work with younger students in public and private schools, most teaching opportunities are teaching business English to working professionals, perfect for those who prefer to work with adults over children.

Not only does the Czech Republic host a thriving English industry, but its location in the heart of Europe means easy access to beautiful attractions in places like Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia.

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Typical Requirements to Teach English in Czech Republic

To teach English in Czech Republic, aspiring ESL teachers must meet a few strict job requirements. To be eligible you’ll need to have:

  1. Advanced or native English speaking ability, native speakers preferred
  2. A bachelor’s degree in English or any field
  3. reputable TEFL Certificate 
  4. Previous teaching experience

A TEFL certificate is very important for those without a degree in education, and CIEE TEFL’s 150-hour course provides teachers with comprehensive ESL training needed to succeed in the Czech Republic.

Types of Teaching Jobs in Czech Republic

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Public Schools

Teaching at public schools in the Czech Republic is a fantastic opportunity to gain professional experience in the classroom. The positions often pay better than other teaching jobs, and the work schedule is during regular school hours.

To be considered for these positions, you must submit proof of your qualifications and documents to the Academic Information Agency (AIA), a government-affiliated organization that connects teachers with hiring schools. Most public school positions lay outside of Prague.

Teachers without a degree in education will need a reputable TEFL certificate to be considered, and previous teaching experience is highly preferred.

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Private Language Academies

Private language schools in the Czech Republic offer after-school English lessons for kids and after-work sessions for business adults. However, there is more demand for teaching evening classes to adults than children. These positions require less strict requirements than public schools but subsequently pay less.

To teach at a private language academy as a non-EU citizen, you'll most likely need proof of a Czech business license or a Živnostenský List (Živno for short) to be eligible.


Private Tutoring

Another option is to establish yourself as a private English tutor as a freelancer, a route that's possible once you have a Živnostenský list (freelance visa). Private tutors in the Czech Republic can earn $12-$25 per hour. 

Most private tutoring gigs are with adults seeking to better their business English, and most opportunities are in Prague. 

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Summer Camps

Working as a counselor at English summer camps in the Czech Republic is ideal for those seeking a short-term teaching experience in a new country. Most summer camps run between June and July and provide their teachers with free accommodation and daily meals. 

Summer camp pay ranges between 5,000-7,500 CZK ($225-$340) per week. Well-known summer camps are hosted by SpevacekDESCARTES, and Watts English.

Where to Find Teaching Jobs in Czech Republic

There are a few different ways to secure a teaching job in the Czech Republic. 

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Academic Information Agency (AIA)

For those interested in a public school teaching position, you'll need to apply through Czech Republic's AIA. AIA is an organization that acts as a liaison between prospective teachers and primary and secondary public schools throughout the country. AIA does not handle the application process but instead passes on teacher information to hiring schools. 

Teachers at public schools can expect the same pay and benefits as local Czech teachers and are often placed in smaller cities or rural places. Successful applicants will need to secure a Czech Employee Card (a long-term residence permit), before arriving in the country.

You can apply on AIA’s online web form here.


Apply Directly to Private Language Schools

Many private language schools list their current openings on their website making it easy for teachers to apply from home. Some of the most popular private language schools in the Czech Republic include SpevacekJames Cook LanguagesBerlitz, and International House.

It’s also possible to find ESL jobs in Czech Republic on general job boards like Dave’s ESL and

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. 

The most popular teaching destinations in the Czech Republic are the country’s larger cities like Prague, Brno, Liberec, Ostrava, and more. 

Prague, the Czech Republic’s largest city, is where most English teachers wish to teach. The city offers many job opportunities, but it comes with high competition and can prove difficult to secure a job quickly.

Brno is the second-largest city in the country, located not far from Prague and neighboring Vienna. It's known for its more affordable cost of living, excellent public transportation, and a reasonable number of teaching opportunities at private language schools.

Liberec can be found in the north near the Jizera Mountains and border with eastern Germany. It's a smaller city but has a university and language schools where it's possible to find work.

Before you make the leap to teach English in the Czech Republic, check out these helpful guides to learn more:

In order to qualify to teach English in the Czech Republic, you must have either a bachelor's degree in education or a degree in any field plus a reputable TEFL certificate. The best TEFL certificate will have at least 120 hours plus a TEFL practicum or an in-class component, where you can put your newly learned skills to the test before leading your first class.

CIEE TEFL’s 150-Hour TEFL Certification

CIEE TEFL’s 150-Hour Flagship Course is an internationally recognized and trusted certification known for quality instruction that ensures ESL teachers succeed in the classroom. CIEE TEFL graduates enjoy access to CIEE’s comprehensive resources that help you nab a teaching job abroad. 

Learn more

English teachers working in the Czech Republic earn between 14,000-35,000 CZK per month ($600 - $1,500). Your earning potential varies significantly on the type of job you find as well as your training and experience. 

Public school teachers with higher qualifications typically earn 30,000-35,000 CZK ($1,300-$1,500) per month. Whereas monthly salaries at private language academies average closer to 12,000-14,000 CZK ($550-$650) per month.

Many teachers tutor privately or teach English online in their free time to supplement their income.

Cost of Living in Czech Republic

Compared to other places in Europe, the cost of living in the Czech Republic is relatively reasonable. Expats can expect to pay between $500 to $750+ per month to cover basic needs.

Public schools often provide accommodation for their teachers for a low monthly rate or for free. However, private schools typically do not offer housing to their English teachers. In which case, rent for a one-bedroom can range between $400-$600 per month, or $250-$300 for a room in a shared flat.