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Comprehensive 180-Hour TEFL Certificate Course

Beyond the Basics: Bundle 2 TEFL Courses to Gain Specialized Training for Job Market Success

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Why 180 Hours?

The 180-Hour TEFL Certificate course is designed for aspiring teachers who want to go above and beyond. It's two courses in one, bundling together CIEE TEFL’s premium 150-Hour TEFL Certificate course with the 30-Hour TEFL Certification course, and as a bonus, you’ll also receive age-specialized training. With 180 hours of TEFL certification, you’ll be extremely competitive in the job market, and prepared to effectively teach young learners, teens, or adults. 

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Become the Age-Group Guru

For educators seeking specialization, you’ll be able to unlock your full potential with the additional 30-Hour age-specific training included in this bundle. This targeted immersion equips you with expert-level skills and strategies to captivate your students and soar in your TEFL career. Master your chosen age group and confidently ignite their learning journey. 

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Highly Qualified TEFL Instructors

Learn from CIEE's expert TEFL instructors, renowned for their expertise and dedication. Get personalized feedback and guidance throughout your journey.

Accreditation Recognized Worldwide

Earn a TEFL certificate that is trusted internationally. CIEE TEFL courses are accredited by ACCET, a US Department of Education-endorsed institution, guaranteeing high-quality training and ensuring your qualifications impress employers globally. 

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Designed to Fit Your Schedule

The 180-Hour TEFL Certificate course was built to fit your schedule, even if you're a full-time student or employee. With new courses launching every 2 weeks, dive into manageable 12-15 hour weekly modules at your convenience, seamlessly blending TEFL prep with your current commitments. 

BUNDLE & SAVE $170! Combine the internationally recognized benefits of the 150-Hour TEFL Certificate course with the 30-Hour Age Specialization course for an exclusive price of $1,295. 

*Payment plans are available upon request.

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What You Will Learn

Language Teaching Methodologies

Best practices for teaching English as a foreign language

Lesson Planning

Preparing a lesson plan and classroom management

Age-Specific Pedagogy

Specialize in teaching young learners, teens, or adults

Course Outline

Intensive Course Curriculum

The 180-Hour TEFL Certification course includes our flagship 150-Hour TEFL Certification course, followed by the 30-hour TEFL Certificate course.  After completing the 150-hour TEFL Certification course, we will enroll you in the 30-hour TEFL Certificate course. This age specialization training is a structured 3-week course focused on the age group of your choice, designed with 30 hours of lessons and coursework. Check out a snapshot of what you can expect to learn.

150-Hour TEFL Certification

Week 1) Pre-Course – Intro to course and how to navigate  
Virtually meet your classmates, get comfortable with the online Canvas platform, and prepare yourself for what’s to come over the next 10 weeks.   

Week 2) The World of TEFL  
Why learn English in the first place, a look at the types of English learners, and an introduction to fundamental concepts from the intercultural field.    

Week 3) Teaching the English Language  

Week 4) Learning Vocabulary 
Explore principles of vocabulary and grammar, learn to explain parts of speech and sentence structure, and develop strategies for helping learners retain vocabulary.

Week 5) Teaching Grammar   
Examine the importance of grammar, discover how to practice verb tense in a group setting and learn practical solutions for correcting errors. Plus, you’ll learn to make grammar more fun and less dry!  

Week 6) Teaching Receptive Skills  
Analyze fundamentals of using reading and listening in context as a tool for learning and learn methods to test for comprehension and understanding.  

Week 7) Teaching Productive Skills   
Discover effective teaching methods for speaking and writing language skills, develop speaking activities that drive conversational learning and learn how and when to give constructive feedback.  

Week 8) Choosing your teaching materials   
Learn to supplement verbal lessons with visual aids and discover how to be effective at using your environment to provide a great experience. Analyze methods for using the board, body language, and facial expression to create a holistic learning environment.

Week 9) Planning Your Lessons   
Create effective lesson plans and discover skills meant for getting to know your students and integrating content and language for everyday use.  

Week 10) Classroom Management   
Develop tools to increase motivation and participation. Learn to instruct multilevel groups and handle frequent classroom behavioral situations.  

Week 11) Getting Ready to Teach   
Discover tips to help you prepare for what comes next. Including resume development, approaches to interviewing and how to speak about your TEFL certification experience.

Overview of English language varieties with an emphasis on spelling and pronunciation, outline of different teaching methodologies, and approaches to teaching English as a foreign language.

Your first time as a teacher in the classroom can feel daunting and that’s why our 150-hour course includes a practicum component where you can get real life, hands-on experience before jumping in front of the class alone!  Most teachers complete their practicum by working or volunteering in their local communities.  These opportunities include observing a classroom, co-teaching, lead teaching, or private tutoring.  Not sure how to set this up?  Don’t worry!  We’ll help you create a plan, from researching organizations, setting up practicum dates, and completing pre and post reflective work on your experiences. 

Learn about the benefits of a TEFL Practicum

30-Hour TEFL Certificate Course

WEEK 1: MODULES 0 – 4 

Module 0) Pre-course: Intro to Course and How to Navigate   
Virtually meet your peers, get comfortable with the online Canvas platform, and prepare yourself for what’s to come.   

Module 1) The Young Learner   
Identify the different types of learners and go over the language development stages.   

Module 2) Young Learner Motivation   
Understand your students and learn their motivations. Learn to observe multiple intelligences to better understand your students and their education.  

Module 3) Classroom Management    
How should you manage such young learners? Create class rules and learn skills on handling classrooms when they fall apart.  

Module 4) Approaches and Methods for Teaching Young Learners    
Learn methods for teaching as well as different approaches to teaching young learners.  

WEEK 2: MODULES 5 – 8 

Module 5) Providing a Language Context for Learning    
Strategies for providing context and visual aids for teaching.  

Module 6) Teaching Systems to Young Learners   
The basics of vocabulary and grammar as well as practical lessons and games to have on hand.   

Module 7) Teaching Speaking to Young Learners   
Promote fluency through error correction, songs and chants for the class.  

Module 8) Teaching Listening to Young Learners    
Learn how children listen and learn ways to encourage listening in the classroom.  

WEEK 3: MODULES 9 – 12 

Module 9) Teaching Reading to Young Learners   
Understand the relationship between reading and writing as well as the basic concepts of reading. Learn how to use stories and other skills to teach reading. 

Module 10) Teaching Writing to Young Learners   
Unpack the basics of writing and understand the approaches to teaching writing.   

Module 11) Assessing Young Learners   
How will you assess your young students? Introduce testing to your class and learn skills on how to create quality tests.  

Module 12) Beyond the Classroom    
Where do young learners learn English? Understand English through the internet and media, as well as hobbies and sports. 

WEEK 1: MODULES 0 – 4 

Module 0) Pre-Course: Intro to Course and How to Navigate   
Virtually meet your peers, get comfortable with the online Canvas platform, and prepare yourself for what’s to come.   

Module 1) The Teenage Learner   
Understand the role of teenagers in the classroom as well as their motivations as language students.   

Module 2) Classroom Management    
Build relationships with your teen students and learn tools to manage your classroom.  

Module 3) Methods and Approaches    
Unpack the approaches to teaching English at the teenage level.  

Module 4) Lesson Planning    
What kinds of lessons will engage your teenagers? Learn about different learning styles applied to lesson planning.  

WEEK 2: MODULES 5 – 8 

Module 5) Getting Started   
Get started leading your classroom with tricks on warm-ups and warm downs.  

Module 6) Teaching Systems to Teenagers   
Learn to successfully teach grammar and vocabulary as well as skills on answering conceptual questions about grammar and vocabulary.  

Module 7) Teaching Speaking to Teenagers   
Unpack speaking a new language and develop skills on encouraging speaking in the classroom.   

Module 8) Teaching Listening to Teenagers    
Create listening activities and ways to encourage language listening in the classroom.  

WEEK 3: MODULES 9 – 12 

Module 9) Teaching Reading to Teenagers   
What is reading? Learn reading strategies for your students.   

Module 10) Teaching Writing to Teenagers   
Break down the meaning of writing and how to teach writing to teenage students.   

Module 11) Teaching with Technology    
Evaluate the internet and social media in EFL classrooms.   

Module 12) Assessment    
Assessing your teenage students. Learn to provide proper quizzes and exams. 

WEEK 1: MODULES 0 – 4 

Module 0) Pre-Course: Intro to Course and How to Navigate   
Virtually meet your peers, get comfortable with the online Canvas platform, and prepare yourself for what’s to come.   

Module 1) The Adult Learner   
Understanding the basic motivations of adult learners and best teaching strategies.   

Module 2) Classroom Issues    
What kinds of issues arise in an adult classroom and how can you handle them? Understand the different abilities and ages in the adult classroom.   

Module 3) Classroom Management for Adults    
Learn to deal with problems in the adult classroom.  How do you respectfully make a correction? Understand appropriate classroom language.   

Module 4) Approaches to Lesson Planning    
Gain skills on planning lessons for adult learners. What kinds of activities are best?   

WEEK 2: MODULES 5 – 8 

Module 5) Student-Centered Learning    
Unpack the meaning of student-centered learning and learn how to apply it to your classroom.   

Module 6) Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation    
You might know grammar, but have you tried teaching it? Learn skills on teaching pronunciation and vocabulary.  

Module 7) Teaching Verbal Communication Skills to Adults    
Understand the listening process and learn skills to apply to your classroom and lesson plan.  

Module 8) Teaching Written Communication Skills to Adults    
Understand and break down the reading and writing process. Learn to assess reading and writing at the adult level.   

WEEK 3: MODULES 9 – 12 

Module 9) English for Specific Purposes (ESP)   
Understand the meaning and kinds of specific purposes there are for learning English. Learn to design lesson plans and classes around this.  

Module 10) ESP: Business English   
Learn what makes business English so different and how to adjust lessons accordingly.  

Module 11) ESP: EAP (English for Academic Purposes) Exam Preparation    
The importance of EAP and specific characteristics of EAP. 

Module 12) Virtual Teaching    
Discover the essentials to teaching English online and the tools to do it successfully. 

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180-Hour TEFL Course Upcoming Start Dates

There are 180-Hour TEFL Certificate course start dates approximately every 2 weeks year round.
Here is a list of upcoming start dates:

Start DateEnd Date

May 27, 2024

August 11, 2024

June 10, 2024

August 25, 2024

June 24, 2024

September 8, 2024

July 8, 2024

September 22, 2024

July 22, 2024

October 6, 2024

August 5, 2024

October 20, 2024

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CIEE TEFL provides comprehensive resources to help you find your ideal TEFL job, including online and in-person teaching guides, a TEFL job opportunity workbook, and an exclusive job resources hub. 

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180-Hour TEFL Certification FAQs

This course is right for you, if:

  • You have no teaching (or TEFL) experience and are looking to explore it  
  • You’re going to be, or want to be, a lead teacher abroad for a longer period of time 
  • You’re going to be, or want to be, lead teacher of your own classroom  
  • You’re looking to professionalize your teach abroad experience  
  • You’re applying to jobs that require a TEFL certification  
  • You are looking to land a precise type of teaching position  
  • You are looking to deepen your understanding of age-specific pedagogy.   

To be eligible for a CIEE TEFL course, you must:

  • Be a native English speaker or have an advanced level of English proficiency equivalent to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) C1 level or higher. Nonnative English speakers must submit proof of their English proficiency.
  • Be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Have strong reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills.
  • Be able to use a personal computer and have consistent access to the internet. 

Most employers require at least 120 hours of TEFL training, which usually translates to about 12 weeks' time commitment. This is considered the industry standard and provides a basic foundation in teaching English to non-native speakers. Many experts recommend 150-200 hours for a more comprehensive understanding and practical skills. This allows you to delve deeper into specific areas and gain confidence in your teaching abilities. If you want to specialize in teaching a particular age group (children, teenagers, adults) or context (online, business English), consider courses with additional hours dedicated to that focus, like the CIEE 180-Hour TEFL Certificate course. 

Yes! CIEE TEFL offers payment plans for the 150-Hour and 180-Hour TEFL courses.  Payment plan options can be found on the CIEE TEFL Course Tuition and Payment Plans page, and questions about payment can be sent to tefl@ciee.org.  

Please note that all TEFL course tuition must be paid in full before you can start your CIEE TEFL course.

Absolutely. With courses starting every 2 weeks year-round, you will have time to gather funds to pay for your course tuition. That said, all TEFL course tuition must be paid in full no later than 1 week before your desired TEFL course start date. 

Hear From CIEE TEFL Alumni

  • "I thought this course adequately prepared me for what to expect in an ESL classroom as a TEFL teacher. It gave me plenty of opportunities to practice lesson planning, and the practicum requirement provides me with some experience when talking to future employers."


  • "I am very likely to recommend this course because I feel as though it was very straightforward, and I thought the material was well organized, I learned a lot, and I believe the support provided was great!"


  • "I feel that the course helped ready me to teach abroad and taught many of the intricacies of teaching that are difficult to learn individually."


  • "I enjoyed the structuring of this course. It kept me on track to finish while also not being too overwhelming each week."


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