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The Funeral
By Leonard B.
I did it, I made it to the eve of my first weekend as an official teacher here in Thailand. Sitting in the English teachers’ office packing up for the...keep reading
It's Really Happening
By Leonard B.
10/23/18 @ 2:37 PM I'm in the back of a school van headed East to my new city, Chachoengsao, Thailand. My stomach's in knots and I feel like I'm going...keep reading
  • How to Create a Portable Classroom
    By Samantha A.
    Question: What’s the easiest way to travel while teaching? The answer: teaching online! Teaching online is a great way to work and travel. Because you’re working virtually, your classroom and...keep reading
    Getting to Murcia, Spain
    By Cristina B.
    Moving to Spain and teaching English has always been on my bucket list, and I decided that 2018 was “the year.” I started Googling “Jobs teaching English in Spain.” There...keep reading

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