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Teach English in Murcia, Spain

CIEE TEFL Job Placement Opportunity

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As a Current Student or Alumni of CIEE TEFL, You Have the Opportunity to Receive Job Search Assistance to Teach in Murcia, Spain as a Language and Culture Assistant.

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Thanks to our ongoing relationship with the regional government in Murcia, we’re able to send your application directly to the picturesque coastal region for a teaching position.  

Position Highlights: 

  • ​Assist local English teachers 14-16 hours per week
  • 4-day work week with 3-day weekends
  • Opportunity to teach multiple subjects in English, including art, physical education, social studies, science, and others.
  • €800-915 monthly stipend
  • Extended breaks during Christmas and Easter holidays
  • No Spanish language required
  • No teaching experience required
  • Ideal for independent travelers and teachers
LocationStart DateEnd DateCompensationDeadline


October 2024

May 2025

800-915 Euro/month

May 31, 2024

CIEE TEFL placement assistance in Murcia is only available to CIEE TEFL current students and alumni of the 150-Hour or 180-Hour TEFL Certificate courses. Placement assistance does not include predeparture or in country support from CIEE TEFL.

Enroll today in the 150-Hour or 180-Hour TEFL Certificate course to become eligible for CIEE TEFL job placement assistance.


What's Included
Fountain in a courtyard in Murcia, Spain

What's Included

  • Teaching placement at public primary or secondary schools in Murcia, Spain
  • Welcome session in Murcia held by the regional government
  • General visa guidance from the regional government
The Destination

The Take-Aways


Monthly stipend of €800-915 in Murcia. Live comfortably in Murcia and travel throughout Spain during your time off.


Job placement in Murcia for 9 months. Skip the job hunt and enjoy peace of mind with job placement assistance in the stunning region of Murcia.

Easy Application

CIEE TEFL sends your application straight to our partner. No additional application paperwork or fees required.

  • Lighthouse on the water in Murcia, Spain
  • Pink building in Murcia, Spain

The Destination

Murcia is a region and province in southeastern Spain which borders along the Mediterranean coastline. Despite its proximity to the Mediterranean it’s relatively less populated compared to some other destinations in Spain. Murcia is a highly walkable city that is perfect for strolling around, exploring the sites and getting your fill of excellent tapas!

Job Description

Job Description

You'll work at a public primary or secondary school as an English Language and Culture Assistant, a role that is part of a nationwide initiative. As a native English speaker, you will be assisting classes or small groups of students in order to develop their listening and conversational skills. Many teachers are placed in bilingual schools where you may facilitate English conversational activities in subjects such as science, art, physical education, and history.

Exact responsibilities of Language and Culture Assistants vary according to each individual school. However, you won’t be left alone with an entire class of students, nor will you be responsible for grading, discipline, or the independent supervision of students.

Assistants in Murcia typically have 14-16 classroom hours per week.


Language and Culture Assistants in Murcia receive a monthly stipend of 800-915 Euros. For most participants, this is adequate to afford a comfortable lifestyle. If you’re careful with spending, you’ll have some money for fun and to explore Spain and other European countries. Your income will go further outside of city centers where the cost of shared accommodations, food, transportation, entertainment, etc., are lower.

Most participants also teach private English classes, either through their school or independently.

Participants have paid holidays around Christmas and Easter. Exact dates will be confirmed when the school calendars are approved in September. There is usually a two-week break around Christmas. Participants also have Holy Week off, which is the week before Easter. Official provincial calendars are available in September.

More Information

Brick building in Murcia Spain


Teachers are placed at schools participating in an ongoing bilingual initiative led by the Spanish government, including primary and secondary schools.

Spanish family in traditional clothing


You will lead conversational activities in English and give cultural presentations. You may also participate in other activities, such as music, theater, sporting events, English language clubs, and more.  In addition to your classroom hours, you may be required to spend a few hours attending planning or professional development sessions each week. 



There are a few simple requirements. These, plus a sense of adventure and a desire to cross cultural boundaries and engage with people eager to learn English, will make you a great candidate.


  • A Bachelor’s Degree in any field
  • Native or fluent English speaker
  • 60 years old or younger
  • Currently enrolled in or completed a 150-Hour or 180-Hour CIEE TEFL Certificate course
  • No Spanish language requirement
  • No previous teaching requirement


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CIEE TEFL Placement Assistance in Murcia, Spain does not include pre-departure or in-country support from CIEE TEFL.

If you are interested in teaching in Spain with support from CIEE check out our Teach in Spain programs.